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oncology for panreatic symptoms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 17, 2006
  • 06:07 PM

Hi everyone or anyone who may be able to answer.
My husband was referred to an oncologist after a test showed an inflamed pancreas. The doctor he saw said something about "narrowing tube" or something. Husband doesn't have much info. My question is, what does an Ocologist do besides treat various cancers? There was no mention of cancer, but being referred to an oncologist has him very worried to say the least. Does anyone know what an ocologist does besides the obvious?
Thank you very much

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  • Hi,I also believe that an oncologist deals with cancer and the different treatments.My son is 22 and has an inflamed pancreas and is in alot of pain. Two specialists have not been able to find out why this is happening. All the tests they have done do not show a cause for this. What other symptoms does your husband have? Do they have him on any medication? I will include your husband in my prayers along with my son, please let me know how his appointment turns out!
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  • Hi all i recently went to a health fair in my area and they did an Ultrasound and found out that the tail of my pancreas was largly inflammed. The student that did this informed her teacher which happens to be a doctor and hse stated that I need to see my doctor asap. Well I went in to see my doctor and she wasnt worried at all until I had already explained to her that I had my Gallbladder removed! She said have you read up on pancreas things I lied and said no just to see where she was going then she says well your mom had cancer right Im like yeah well to make a long story short she called the hospital and I had a ultrasound the next day which is weird were i come from as we usually have to wait a week or so. At the hospital the nurse was doing my ultra sound and she paged a doctor to come in a look so know im freaked out as to what it might be of course they wouldent tell me anything and when I asked if my sister could come back and look at the pictures as this is what she is studing right know in school they were like ohhh no she can not come back. I asked them what happens next and he was like well call your doctors asap friday morning Im like well she is not open until noon of fridays and he said well when you get up friday get ready and mmet your doctor at the office. Im scared as ***l any clues to what could be som wtong or am i just looking for something becasue of the way they talked? any help appreciated.
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  • oncology also treats masses and tumors! I know when you hear oncology we all think the worst but they do treat masses and tumors as well and do not have to be cancerous.
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  • I think he may have been referred to an Oncologist for a solid diagnosis. Oncologists do treat cancer, but maybe his regular doc just suspects it "could be" and wants to get an expert in the area to run all the tests. If it is Pancreatic cancer, try not to get too scared. They will throw a lot of survival "odds" and facts and figures at you that can be pretty scary and intimidating. The fact of the matter is, with a great attitude, great faith, and good doctors anything is possible. My grandmother is 80 years old (which isn't in her favor in fighting pancreatic cancer) and it has been hard for her, but she wants to live to stay with the love of her life, my grandfather, who has alzheimers and "needs her". She has fought now for about a year with surgery at U of Michigan ...which I would recommend if you're anywhere close to there... and Chemo. She took a break from Chemo due to it making her weak, and when she regained some strength and was ready to start again,her doctor told her "never mind that...you're in complete remission!" She was supposed to have 6 more weeks of Chemo and then start a bunch of radiation and hasn't needed to because for now at least, the cancer is GONE GONE GONE!!!! So, hang in there and even if it is Pancreatic cancer and they tell you scary things, know that it's definately NOT hopeless! If a lil' ol' 80 year old like my Grandma can do it, your husband can too!
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    • January 26, 2007
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