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not quite a blown achilles....?

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  • Posted By: topazneko
  • April 3, 2009
  • 09:30 PM

yesterday morning I over stretched my ankle reaching to hard for something out of reach. there was an awful pain and burning, and I could not and cannot walk on my right heel. but I didn't tear or blow my achilles. I did do something, though. there is a knot the size of a pea under the skin on the outside of my heel about where the far corner of the achilles tendon attaches per drawings I've checked. my foot is swollen and a bit numb. I can flex my foot somewhat, my calf muscles work fine, but the heel's just as mad as can be.
what did I do and how do I care for it...and how long will it take to heal it?
I did "walk" on it at first, I was out in the garage and had to get to the living room, but it was a mix of tiptoe hobble/one leg hopping to get there. I was wearing thick boots and am not ill in any form so I know it isn't a spider bite (too cold here still for spiders in most cases, anyway).
I'm staying off of it, acquired some crutches and crawl on hands and knees as needed and let it dangle in case it is tendon damage so it has an opportunity to re-attach. also I'm leaving it out in the cold air to keep the swelling down. right now we have a chinook going through so it's plenty cold.
but Spring is on it's way and there's a ton of stuff to do, so I am eager to recover quickly. behaving myself, staying put and not doing much other than poke at the computer, but restless, so hopefully it won't take a long time to heal.
any comments will be helpful. I've never had this type of injury, and have dense bones, so I'm not used at all to being layed up. I know better than pushing it. I'm no spring chicken, so I'm being good...

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  • Sudden Tendon rupture is a well known side effect of a family of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones. Have you taken Cipro, Avelox, Levaquin or other fluoroquinolones in the last year?
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  • no, I take no medicines at all except for an occasional thyroid pill when I am overchilled. that happens abt once every 3-4 months. I haven't been sick enough in the past 3 years to require an antibiotic. pretty healthy for my age and condition, actually. I was really stretching my foot, maybe not holding it strait.it's still inflamed and swollen, and being a "doer" I'm not behaving myself as much as I should. it's just the corner, where it attaches to the outside of the heel bone, but I'm learning the hard way that even that is serious.
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  • did some digging. looks, from where the pain is on my heel, that it wasn't the achilles at all, but possibly this ligament; Calcaneofibular ligament it's a little bit further forward of the area my pain is in, but I don't know how acurate the drawing I found on Wiki is. the achilles and the other side of my heel hurt as well, but I think that's just because the area's inflamed and swollen.
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  • I'm pretty sure that I've figured it out with more digging online. I had mis-defined what a sprain was all of my life, this is my first one. all the mild ones I thought I'd had were strains. I've heard from many different people how to take care of a sprain, and so I shall. it's not the achilles at all, I don't think. I think it's the ligament on the side, and that it just needs the standard ice, rest, and imobalization. but I can't wait to get to the garden! I get to wait, though.
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  • When I read your post, the first thing that came to my mind was a sprain too. You left out part of the standard treatment.....Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE). 'Leaving it out in the cold' isn't the same focused cold that ice treatment will give, and can be dangerous to your over-all circulation if it's really cold. The ice should not be used without a barrier (like a towel) between you and the ice and not used for more than 15 min at a time to prevent 'burning' or damaging the skin. After the first 24 hours post injury, alternating ice with moist heat will speed the healing process. Also, if you don't already take magnesium supplementation, it can't hurt while you heal from this and would most likely help.If you ever do actual blow your calcaneal tendon, surgery is the only fix, although PT can help. Good luck, it's no fun but should heal in 6-8 weeks with proper care. You'll feel better after the first two though. :)
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  • yeah, it's the elevation I'm not good with. I now it's part of it and all I can say is that my neglecting to mention it was a freudian slip, not wanting to do it. I wondered abt the magnesium, I'll get back on it, I've let it slip recently.it can't stand to be touched, so compression isn't possible. and with the knot, I think it's torn, whether partly or completely, I don't know. however, surgery is something I vear away from, I've had too many already-almost all necissary. only one was optional. I just don't want to go through it ever again. so I'll wait a little, though it's been almost a week, already.
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  • The more you stay on that foot, the more difficult or improper healing can be. I know it sucks to have to be gimp, but it's better to only be injured for weeks rather than the rest of your life. These things can turn sour quite easily. I steer away from surgery too and it's not usually necessary for an ankle sprain but it definitely is for a blown Achilles. You would know-- it flaps up like a window shade. Where exactly is the knot? Can you assess the grade (2?, 3?)? Can you put any pressure on the foot or move it around normally? Fractures are common as well as a completely ruptured tendon. Both need evaluation by a doctor. It's normal to still be a bit swollen, but if it's getting worse rather than better I would definitely have someone check it out-- and stay off of it!! :D
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  • thank you for the advice, it's good to have someone look at it who isn't so close to the subject.it's definitely not a blown achilles, no flopping or flapping, in fact the foot's a bit tight. probably because it's a bit swollen.it's just around the side from the achilles, abt 1/2 an inch from the middle of the achilles. I don't know the grade, you'll have to explain that to me.pain level is from 0-4 most of the time, can get as high as 7-8. it does move pretty well, a little stiff. doesn't like being touched, burn/sting feeling. I can hold the foot anyway or where as long as it isn't where the knot is or it's mirror opposite spot=other side of the ankle.will have it checked if no improvement this week and will do my best to stay off of it.
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  • figured out the grade, and I believe it's a 1, since there was no pop, just a burn/sting. not a complete tear. a low grade 2 at worst, but I think it will turn out to be a 1.
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  • This is from the PDR website:Grade I sprain. This mild sprain results in a stretched or slightly torn ligament, but only slight pain or swelling. You can put weight on the joint and move it with no discomfort.Grade II sprain. This moderate sprain causes partial tearing of the ligament, resulting in moderate pain and swelling and perhaps some bruising. You will have some difficulty putting weight on or moving the joint.Grade III sprain. This severe sprain causes a complete rupture of the ligament. Pain, swelling, and bruising is severe. You can’t put weight on or move the joint.From your pain and swelling, it sounds like a Grade II to me, but I can't see it. In any case, if it's still swollen or bruised or hurts to move, you really should get evaluated by your doc with an x-ray. Best wishes to you! It's no fun, but it will heal!
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  • thanks for the advice. I kept my leg elevated yesterday, took asperin, condroiton, magnesium, E and thyroid elevator and both knot and swelling went way down. also spent a good deal of time laughing, which is good medicine in itself. ankle still stings and burns some, and will repeat the process today. unfortunately I took a fairly bad fall off my crutches yesterday morning, tore some messenteries and bruised various muscles. that is making me behave myself. will visit the chiropractor and tomorrow afternoon. will see how that goes.
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