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Neck pain –diagnose me

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  • Posted By: Ford345
  • January 26, 2007
  • 08:53 PM

I have all my information at this URL, it also includes MRI images. I have had many opinions from several doctors on my neck problem. No one can figure out what is causing all the pain.

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  • I don't know what you have, but I may have it, also. MRI shows I have similar "mild" degeneration of two discs in my neck. No spurs, though. For tingling in arms/hands, I went to a nerve specialist to rule out spinal/nerve damage. He put electrode pads on me and hooked it all to a computer. No nerve damage.I have tingling electrical sensations sometimes in shoulders, sometimes mid-back. Other times the muscles twitch. Sometimes it is a burning pain. But most often it aches. A heavy aching pain.A neurosurgeon wanted to fuse my neck in two places because I will need to have it done eventually, anyway. I asked if that would eliminate the mid-back pain. He answered, "If it doesn't, we can try something else." I said, "Let's try the 'something else' first." But he didn't have any suggestion. Other MDs have said the neck fusion would not help what I have.I recently went to a physiatrist. He specializes in non-surgical back pain. He said recent studies indicate medications such as Paxil are effective in managing chronic pain. I recently had unexplained kidney pain attacks, though, so the side effects of the Paxil regarding kidneys concern me.In researching Paxil, I read about SAM-e. I bought SAM-e at the drug store and have taken one 200 mg. for ten days. The brand I bought has B12, B6, and folic acid which are supposed to help with it. I continue to have some pain, but not severe enough to require my pain meds. Moist heat and TENS stimulation give enough relief that I can cope.Ten days is not long enough to make a conclusion regarding effectiveness. But I just want to tell you to hang in there and something may help eventually.Certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause the muscle problems. B12, magnesium, calcium, or others. See if you can get an MD to order a full pannel of blood work that will indicate whether such deficiencies exist.
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    • January 30, 2007
    • 09:54 AM
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  • i was sugjested to take some vitamans and i think i am going to now because that could be a problem solver and another friend said i have some type of food alergy. but i am not to well off with money at the moment so i just kinda have to deal with it. thanks for all your help god bless you
    Ford345 1 Replies
    • January 30, 2007
    • 03:23 PM
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  • hi. i have earmarked your site and will post back. as i was reading your history i kept saying oh ***l. i have the exact symptoms going on. i can tell you a few things and will know more after i go to my dr. again for test results next week. i am in columbus and when we had the snow on valentine's day i was shoveling snow and fell. i went 5 days before i went to the dr. because i thought they would tell me i fell i should hurt, suck it up etc. after 5 days i went. i had torn my rotator cuff, dislocated my shoulder and cracked the bone as well. i had the surgery and the day after felt a little better. the day after that i felt even better, then came the problems like you are describing. i woke up the morning of the third day after surgery and the only thought i had was pain oh God bad pain. i took a pain pill and went back to sleep. the pain pills (pecocet es) only take half of the pain away which astounds me. i went back to the dr. and he xrayed my neck. he told me that if you have pain in your back and the area where the pain is occuring is not injured or diseased, it is probably coming from your neck. he then put xrays up on the light and shows me 3 discs that even with my limited medical knowledge i can tell are not right. i had a cat scan yesterday and am waiting for the results. i will keep you informed as to what they tell me because all of the symptoms you are describing i have. i am sorry you don't have the resources i have. i know i am blessed in many ways in that my husband is a medical professional therefore if for no other reason than professional curtosy these dr's will look until they have a solution or at least an answer to what is wrong with me. i can also tell you that osu medial center will treat you whether you have insurance or not. it may take a couple of weeks to get into the clinic but once there they will do every test known to man to help you figure out what is wrong, at least people i have known that have gone to them have had that experience. they aren't big on pain pills due to being an inner city hospital but will give them if the situation warrants it. i will keep you informed and i hope you feel better.
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  • I have all my information at this URL, it also includes MRI images. I have had many opinions from several doctors on my neck problem. No one can figure out what is causing all the pain.www.southernohio.net/anonymousFrom looking at your symptoms and your MRI report, It sounds as though you have a classic presentation of Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) with some lateral foraminal stenosis. As far as the Doctor's impressions are concerned, I don't see how Doctor B said that the conditions described would not cause pain or limitation...it certainly would, and often does.For Doctor A, he is right on, and an EMG may be useful, but I doubt would show anything more than what the MRI revealed. For Doctor B, he is correct in saying that surgery is probably not the most effective way to go about treating this.Have you asked your Doctor(s) about Physical Therapy? They would use a combination of heat therapy, modalities, exercise, and manual and/or mechanical traction to alleviate the pressure placed on your Cervical joints/discs and nerves.
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