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Neck, head, shoulders, pain, spasms, help...

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  • Posted By: giveaway
  • September 29, 2010
  • 06:07 PM

Seeing a chiropractor soon, but I wanted to get some other opinions from people that might know what is going on with these symptoms... Alright.. here we go...

My neck is constantly popping and crackling

feels like there's sand in between the joints, i don't feel connected to my head

constant pressure like there's some sort of air pocket in the back

head feels like it weighs 50 pounds, takes all my effort just to keep it from "sinking" into my neck

the more i try to stand up straight with good posture, the more pressure i have, my arms start going numb like the blood is rushing into them too much, pain and pressure radiates around my face, always moving around never staying in the same spot

mostly it's my left side of my body, feels numb and a dull pain in my arm and shoulders

shoulders and neck can't relax, the more i relax, like when i'll lay down on my bed, my head will start throbbing with every heartbeat. i always feel this pulse but it gets worse with i lay on my stomach.

it's so distracting, all my thought process goes into trying to compose myself and looking normal and not like i have cervical dystonia or something.

back sort of hurts, but it's mostly my neck, it's this dull aching.

terrible headaches all the time because of all the pressure

ears are always popping, and pop when i swallow, move my neck to try to alleviate the pressure, sometimes even randomly for no reason, like when i'm just breathing out

it's hard to walk, i try so hard to walk like a normal person but it takes so much effort, i feel so odd and tight everywhere, and my shoulders and neck are always trying to find a comfortable spot. i'm craning it all the time to try to relieve the pressure, but it never helps.

i'll have these minor twitches that look kind of like kramer when he's surprised about something, just alot smaller. twitches in face, neck arms, once a day i'll ahve one where my whole uppe body contracts for no reason.

random tingling in random parts of body, random shooting pain in random spots

my hearing is messed up, one ear is really sensitive to low frequencies and the other, my left ear, pops and clicks way more than the other. i always feel underwater, like theres water in my ears, or like i'm in this fog of constant pain

even the most minor movements of my neck make it pop, near the upper cervical discs mostly.

i never feel upright, it's like i'm always swaying, and i don't know exactly what up is...

the more exercise i get, the worse i feel, the tighter my arm and neck msucles feel, and when i'm running,every step makes my neck bump into some other bone in my head

i have popped my neck countless times, probably the worst way, but it was a habit.. i'd justtilt it over to one side as far as it went til it popped. it seemed ot provide relief, but i know it wasn't smart, and it's probably why everything is so much worse now.

throughout the ay it will get better and worse, i'm bi-polar so i get super excited that it might be gone and make plans to do stuff again and might actually do something productive, but after about 2 hours, or the next day, i can't ignore it anymore, and i go back to my normal useless hypochonriac jobless sociopath. it's been the same depressing day for the last year or so... just keeps geting worse... i hate it...

can't ever relax completely, i have no idea what it feels like to be comfortable, i'm always looking for the right position for my neck or back. the more i try to sit stil lthe more pain and numbness i feel, and the most twitching.

always want to sleep when i'm awake, but when i lay down, i can't find a comfortable position for my neck, and it will sink in on itself and the pressure in my face will build up, and i'll adjust it just barely and it will pop. i have to take sleeping pills just to get 4 hours of sleep, and then i wake up ever hour or so after that.

got whiplash fro ma car crash 3 years ago, but it didn't really bother me then. abotu a year and a half ago i started feeling weird, but i didn't start realizing it was in my neck until lately... my life is ***l, i can't do anything because i'm so distracted by this ****.

i got x rays done adn theres nothing wrong with my alignment so they refered me to a chiropractor...

uh.. the better my posture is, the harder it is to breathe. i have to think about breathing alot...

muscle relaxers don't help at all, neither do anti depressants... i'm 20 years old and i feel like a mentally challenged 80 year old. i can't focus on anything, i don't do anything, at all. havn't in months. all i've been doing is hoping that this will go away one day. but it just keeps getting worse, and i keep getting more depressed because i don't even know what is wrong with me.

i have a bad feelnig the chiropractor won't even help, and that even if i do get put on painkillers nothing will change, i'll just be high all the time with a bad opiate addiction. everyone i know seems to think it's just all in my head. but i am in pain, and what i feel all the time is defititly not normal. it's not normal to not be able to relax and not be able to ignore your bodies constant internal explosions for one second to do something productive... i've been put on all these different pills to help my depression, i've tried everything, i essentially lost my mind, it was really bad, until i gave up hope, because i don't have any more options left. kind of suicidal, because if i'm 20 years old and have to deal with this for the rest of my life, well, i won't. yeah, sad huh...

what is wrong with me?

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  • sounds like you have some instability in your spine that could be giving you these symptoms. you can feel headaches and dizziness, as well as have muscle spasms that are trying to stabilize your neck as a result of instability. Dont force your neck to pop. Also check into any meds you may be taking that may compound problems, and go see the chiropractor!
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • August 20, 2014
    • 07:38 AM
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  • hi lads im the same 3 years now i feel like just jumping of a cliff most days , i just think of how the ***l doe sit have to be me and how do i fix it, just found this site its quite hard for me to even write on my lap top its impossible to hold my hands up high for too long my traps are on 24 hours a day n the right one moves n burns with strain if i go on my bike for longer than 20 min i wil be in alot pain im always tence n in spasums in my traps n hips too then i cant sit any were without tossing and turning form the momnet i wake in the morning till i go to bed im gettin my son or girlfriend to jump on my back litterly jump on it, its crazy i wouldnt wish this on any one, i am also like snap cracle and pop every day my neck traps back, its mad ive had mri done says im ok the doctor gave me antidepressants haha, i havent took but i am considering it now...any help lads would be good what to do what not to do anything at all cheers lads...
    i will do anything to get this to stop
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • February 4, 2015
    • 09:21 PM
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