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muscle pain and poor circulation

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 9, 2011
  • 08:57 AM

I am a 31yr old female. I don’t drink and I like to think I eat a balanced diet.
I smoke between 15-20 cigarettes a day, although I am currently trying to quit.
I used to love walking and running. I do not do so much anymore because of reasons I will explain but I am pretty active all the same.
For the past 6 months or more I have had the following symptoms.

Pains in my lower legs, they feel really cold sometimes too. They are not bad pains although I do wake up during the night because they cause discomfort.
I feel like I want them to be stretched all the time, and sometimes they feel like there buzzing. My feet and toes cramp up really quickly too.
I get pins and needles really quickly too. For example if I lie on my side when in bed within a minute my arm and leg is gone numb and I then have pins and needles.
Again this causes me to wake in my sleep. My arms have white blotches on them, which looks like poor circulation. I have recently noticed how many little broken capillaries I am getting all over my body.
At first they were just on my chest and I thought it was caused by the hot water from the shower so I only ever take a warm one, but now they are on my hands and legs, I was told these can be caused by poor circulation. I get frequent cramps in my back and neck, and shooting pains down my arms. As I am writing this my toes have pins and needles in them and my feet and lower legs feel ice cold. It’s about 15degrees.
I work at a desk so I am sting down, but I get up and move every 20 mins. When I do get up from my seat my whole body is extremely stiff and I am hunched over and walking with a limp until I’ve walked it off which can take quite a few mins. This happens every time I get up from sitting down.
I’ve had a headache every day for the past month, all at different times of the day just over my right eye. They are never bad headaches just a dull throb. Not worth taking a pain killer over but at the same time it’s annoying. I have pains and ringing in my ears at times too. In Jan I started walking and running to try and get fitter as I thought this would help but my legs were too sore that half way around the block I’d have to stop and then limp home as my muscles were too sore to continue. I bought proper running shoes and I did lots of warm up exercises and stretches but nothing helped.
It felt like my legs would buckle at any time. I am 6ft and weight 168lbs which is healthy I think.

I have put all this poor circulation, headaches, aches and pains down to the fact that I smoke but everyone I know who smokes (and they all smoke a lot more than me) don’t suffer like this.

Can anyone tell me if it is just poor circulation or should I go see the doctor?

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