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muscle pain and headaches

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  • Posted By: peg6452
  • November 6, 2006
  • 02:04 AM

For the past few months I have been having horrible shoulder blade pain that runs up the back of my neck (a lot of knots) and then mostly goes to behind my left eye. Three weeks ago, it go so bad that I ended up at ER to get a shot for the pain and to knock me out for a couple of days. I have since found a deep tissue massage tech. She was wonderful and gave me much needed relief. She along with the doctors said its not migraines but muscle tightness due to stress. I don't get it...cause I'm one of those that don't have stress. I had a bad night, last night. And spent most of the day laying around. Shoulder blades, neck..very tight. So what is this? Could it be the start of fibro? I have also noticed through out the day that I'm clenching my jaw...I have no idea why. I'm going for another massage this week, and thinking of going to the doctor to see if there is a muscle relaxant. Could someone help me? I'm new here, and this looks like a great site to start with.

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  • HiIt sounds like,at some point, you've suffered a whiplash-type injury. Whiplash doesn't mean car accident it can occur in so many different ways. My accountant did his limbo dancing!Anything which exerts unusual pressure on the neck forcing it backwards....lifting heavy objects, falling off a horse, falling onto your hands face first....think back anything over the last 10 years or so....seriously!When you go to your therapist, who sounds wonderful, tell her to bear this in mind and treat it as such. Tell her to consider the Splenius Capitis and the Splenius Cervicis. The latter is deep seated from about T4/5 goes up into the cervical vertebrea and the pain referral is found up into the temple and into the eye (either side)....feels like you want to poke your eye out!Please try to avoid steroid injections and then consider a REALLY good Osteopath in conjunction with the massage. Oh and don't lift anything heavy, don't travel with the window of the car down, avoid all draughts to the neck and minimise computer work......I know awful isn't it!If I can help further give me more details and have a think about what you may have done.Good luck
    musclemadness 6 Replies
    • November 8, 2006
    • 01:27 PM
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  • Hi there,I was reading your post and it was like I was speaking. I am having the exact same sympotoms and it is really starting to freak me out a little bit. I have had a couple of massages but it is like a temporary releif and then it starts all over again. I was thinking about going to a chiro as well. Any suggestions on this?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 9, 2006
    • 02:03 PM
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  • HIIt is an awful pain and very debilitating. Keep up the massage because massage and osteopathy/chiropractic go hand in hand.Think about it without the muscles you'd be a pile of bones and without the bones you'd be.....mush!A good osteopath will probably treat the site of the problem; cervical vertebrae, skull axis..... a great one will look at the big picture...a muscular neck problem can be indicative of a pelvic problem! Your problem now is finding a GREAT therapist. Ask around, word of mouth is the best recommendation and please don't despair if feel a little worse before you feel better. Oh, also, if your are a girl, don't underestimate the power of hormones and their crippling affect on muscles. Hope this helps a little, keep seeking good help, look on it as a battle plan.All the best. D
    musclemadness 6 Replies
    • November 20, 2006
    • 04:41 AM
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