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muscle aches, swollen wrist, fever - any ideas?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 18, 2007
  • 05:31 PM

i am having serious "mystery" issues...

it started with an achy wrist, which lasted for a day or two, then my entire right arm began to ache and become weak. the next day, both arms became sore, though the left arm was/is slightly less so. yesterday (the third day?), my legs also became very sore, as if i had overworked my body, and above my wrist bone on the top (?) of my arm, i began to have a swelling. i was feeling more and more tired as the day progressed, and by late afternoon my arms felt so weak i was literally struggling to feed my 8 month old son with a plastic spoon. we then decided to go to the hospital.

the emergency room staff basically scratched their heads and shrugged. they tested me through blood, urine, xray, cardiowhatever, but were unable to come to any conclusion. i told them 2 things that i have but which is, i think, unrelated: my thumb knuckle has been tender for a few weeks, presumably from a simple pinched nerve or something, and a mosquito bite on my left arm.
this seemed to make them want to look into the avenue of mosquito borne illnesses, so they sent tests away for lyme and spotted fever, presumably also west nile as well.
anyway, they gave me two ibuprofin and sent me home with a pat on my head.

today i woke up sore in all limbs again, but also in my neck. the swelling hasn't gotten any worse...but it's also not any better. for the last two hours, i have had a low grade fever, which i took tylenol for and am feeling slightly better, though still a bit stiff.
it didn't strike me until the fever started that this is VERY MUCH like what seemed to be going on with my 8 month old last week. the eventual and official diagnosis by his doctor was that he probably pulled his elbow out of socket, which made me cringe, but it's apparently very, very common in babies. for two or three days, he acted as if he couldn't crawl, mainly not putting any weight on his right side, and he had a fever (off and on) of 102. he acts completely fine now, crawling and, well, being 8 months, getting into everything whether he should or shouldn't. regardless, the fever symptom sisn't strike me as something that goes along with pulling a joint out of place..

so my question, finally, is this: is this some sort of "serious" condition, or is it some sort of virus? i've never heard of a virus that causes these particular symptoms, especially the swollen wrist.
obviously, i'm anxious about the results of the tests from the er, but if they show nothing...?

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  • That sounds so similar to what I've been going through. I really feel for you (and me !). I go back to the doctor today. My newest theory is Parvovirus/Fifth Disease. Google it, could be the culprit. Feel better.
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