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multiple symptoms

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  • June 26, 2007
  • 03:41 AM

Multiple symptoms have plagued me that seem unrelated: splinter hemorrhages in nails; shoulder and thigh pain; lower leg edema; patch of redness on one leg; hand weakness; clumsiness; fatigue; some shortness of breath and chest pain. Blood tests show elevated c-reactive protein and sed rate. have had high positve ana in the past - but docs say it is normal now. mother/sister have autoimmune diseases; Rheum. treating me for psoriatic arthritis. i think something autoimmune is going on. any ideas?

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  • Was your rheumatologist concerned about the red patch on your leg? I assume you mention this as a marker towards lupus, is that a problem in your family?
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  • Was your rheumatologist concerned about the red patch on your leg? I assume you mention this as a marker towards lupus, is that a problem in your family?the patch came recently but is now gone. An RN I work with said it looked like I wasn't getting enough circulation. Lupus has been a concern - My mother's bloodwork is indicative of it - but has not been diagnosed w/ it. she has other autoimmune diagnoses - as does my sister. mom and I also get frequent episodes of beet red faces - in the same place as a malar rash - but it goes away. does this sound lupus-like? thanks for your interest.
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  • Skin Rashes in LupusOne of the very few visible lupus manifestations is the skin rash that is present at one time or another in most lupus patients. The most common rash in systemic lupus is the bright red malar rash. Classically, the malar rash takes the appearance of a butterfly: it involves both cheeks and extends across the bridge of the nose (“mala” is latin for “cheeks”). It can also involve the forehead or chin. The rash is generally non-painful, comes on abruptly and does not cause permanent scarring but rather gradually resolves completely.A discoid skin rash is characteristic of discoid lupus but may sometimes occur in systemic lupus erythematosus. A discoid rash usually has multiple small red areas that are covered by scaly skin. Unlike the malar rash, discoid lesions frequently cause scarring if untreated and are painful. Discoid lesions may occur anywhere on the head and face or the upper chest. The rash of subacute cutaneous lupus can also occur in systemic lupus. This rash has raised, red dish areas that tend to be fairly chronic and can result in scarring. All types of lupus rashes can be aggravated by exposure to sunlight. Shallow ulcers like canker sores can occur in the mouth or nose and may be painless. If you go to the website butyoudontlooksick.com and click onto the forums you can ask about your symptoms there. A woman called Christine who has Lupus set it up and many people with the same condition post there and will be able to answer your questions. It also has forums for other conditions so even if this turns out not to be your problem you will still find a place on there that you can post.
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