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knee pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 11, 2010
  • 08:16 AM

i have knee pain in my right knee, since a snowboarding bail this last winter. i haven't bothered to see a doctor yet, because the pain comes and goes.

the injury: i hit a jump, and landed on my stomach, in packed snow, my shoulder caught the snow and i rolled, being i was using my long board, the board did not roll with me, and my right foot was twisted clockwise (out) i don't know exactly how far, but i did feel an extreme amount of pain, and i thought that i had broken my ankle (which is where the pain was initially) in about 5-10 minutes from the bail, the pain moved from my ankle into my knee, and got a little less intense (when it first happened, it was crippling) i ended up finishing the day on my snowboard, taking it easy.

the symptoms: now, i have a pain that comes and goes, at varying intensities, usually it is not more than a dull ache, or uncomfortable, however sometimes it does hurt quite a bit, never to the point i can't walk, however. the pain is located on the inside of my leg, about 2" below my knee cap, almost at the shin line. more specifically, if i run my fingers off of my knee cap, downwards, there is a soft spot, then a small lump, of what i assume to be the top of my tibia?, and right as that bump flattens out, kind of in the corner, is where the pain is located. If i rub/put pressure on it, the pain seems to go away temporarily. I often wear a neoprene closed patella knee brace if it is uncomfortable, and i am running or doing any exercise, which tends to help significantly with the pain. There doesn't seem to be any reliable triggers to the pain, sometimes it hurts the day after exercise, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it hurts after i've been lazy on the couch all day... it does sometimes hurt slightly higher up, on the outside of the knee, right below the bump on the outside of my knee, which is 90* off of the center of my knee cap, but not as often as the inside, and usually when the second pain presents it's self, it's duller than the other, and they come together

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  • Hi, I am a physical therapist. Interesting set of symptoms. The fact that the symptoms come are go is a good sign. Based on this and the location of your symptoms, you could have something called an irritated plica. We have a natural fold in the capsule of the knee joint and some times direct contact can irriate it. Don't know what else might cause a 'bump' in that region. If if were me, I would use ice and start strengthening the muscles around the knee and hip to help add stability to the anterior knee. You can get some ideas by visiting http://www.joint-pain-solutions.com/knee-cap-pain.html Hope this helps.~JTrempe PT, ATC
    JTrempe 101 Replies
    • October 17, 2010
    • 03:55 AM
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  • the bump i am talking about, is on both knees, it doesn't feel out of place or anything, and has been there as long as i can remember... it's not big enough to see, but i can feel it...as far as stability goes, i've never had any issues with stability, or it feeling like it's going to give out (other than when it hurt to put pressure on it, the week following the initial injury)that being said, i recently started going to the gym, and i am not in great shape (not terrible shape either) i did 45 minutes on the elliptical, at about 35 minutes, i was so tired, and the machine was putting up such resistance, i was locking my knees for half a second or so the left was fine, but the right didn't want to lock fully, it almost seemed like it was a little swollen or something... i did get a little bit of pain at around 25 minutes, more just uncomfortable, it went away about 5 minutes later, and hasn't returned since...
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 19, 2010
    • 07:03 AM
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