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Joints not popping

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  • Posted By: thegreatiam
  • January 7, 2014
  • 01:47 PM

I posted on another thread earlier, but I think this may be a more appropriate forum

Basically my joints pop. Ankles knees, spine, neck. etc. There is no associated pain so Im not worried.

the usual symptom is a mild pressure which is relieved when it pops. This usually occurs after a period of inactivity, sometimes minutes sometimes hours.

Ive done some leg work and I can find lots of info on this. It seems to be benign, a build up of nitrogen in the joint fluid etc.

However, the other morning the left ankle did not pop. There was no other symptom. everything seemed normal.

My ankles both had a build up in pressure when I woke up and, like every other mornig, they popped and felt fine, well the right one did.

They normally pop a number of occasions before the pressure goes, like bubble wrap except the left ankle was left with one bubble, for want of a better description. Now because it wont pop there is now associated pain. The ankle still feels like there is pressure and if I flexed it or put pressure on it I get the impression it will pop the bubble and feel ok again, however it just wont pop.

I dont want to force it, in fact I cant it hurts too much.

So the question is will the pressure go by itself, is there another issue which is causing this "bubble" to be stronger than other bubbles?

what type of treatment can I look into? should I see a DR or chiropractor (I have an appointment with a chiropractor next week for my regular spinal adjustment and I plan on bring up the ankle)

I have regular range of motion up and down, if I point my toes and extend my ankle fully i feel it. If I turn the ankle left I feel it, otherwise im fine.

Is there anything I can do to assist the treatment. Normally if a bubble is stubborn after a few minutes it will pop by itself or I can apply a little extra lean on the ankle and it goes. but this one is a uberbubble. Should I just press harder, different angle or should I RICE it?

Ive had it wrapped in a elasticated support and have been going easy on it for a few days but no noticeable change, no swelling that I can see, although my girlfriend thinks the very front of the ankle may be slightly swollen.

Ive tried deep heat and freeze and had no effect, I tried anti inflammatory pain killer (Ibuprofen I think, 400mg tablet) on day one. But didn't notice a change.

My other joints are popping fine, with no pain. even the affect ankle still has other bubbles popping cofortably in it, just seems to have this one stubborn bubble.

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