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  • Posted By: Jackyj
  • March 2, 2011
  • 02:33 AM

Hey, i dont usually end up on forums and places like this, but i am lost and have absolutely no where else to turn, so im hopping someone here is going through the same problems or can guide me in the Right Direction.

My Problem is a long read, but please read through it. I am not sure if all of this is connected but i thought id share it all

A few years ago i noticed my Knees started to Crack alot. If i had put weight on one leg, then started to move or change direction, id hear a loud pop. No pain, just the sound. Then, slowly after, when weight training, i
would have issues doing Squats. So i stopped doing those. Then i had trouble with some other leg exercises, and stopped those aswell. I saw a Dr, had some X rays and an MRI on my right knee and nothing showed up. He told me nothing was wrong and to keep working out

So a year or so passes and now the Popping and cracking of the knee has Spread to the Ankels and the Wrists. No Pain, just the sound of grinding and cracking. Again saw a Dr, and again, came back with the same response of nothing being wrong.

Another year passes by and Now am at a Crossroad. Every joint in my body is now experiencing these symptoms. For Example

I shrug my shoulders i hear 4-5 pops and a Grating sound

I move my arms in a circular motion and all i hear is bone on bone grinding and an occasional loud pop.

My Hips now pop out of place during certain movements

I cant roll my ankles in a circle without them popping or grinding

Every time i move my neck, i hear the same popping and grinding sound and sometimes this hurts

My fingers now pop and crack all the time, i never used to be able to do this

I move my back and i hear 4-5 loud pops

When i cough i feel things pop out of place, but cannot locate or decipher where it is coming from

Then most recently, my groin started having these problems aswell. IF i squeeze my knees together i hear and feel a loud pop from within my groin. I didn't even know their were joints there? Not only a pop, but a Grinding sometimes aswell.

Now, all of these joints are Stiff in the morning, I have trouble getting out of bed i have to force my self to get up. It used to go away after a few hours but now its a full day, 24 hour stiffness. I probably crack my joints 300-400 times per day, not all on purpose just through daily motions.

I used to be active. i was 220 pounds, dropped down to 165 and was very active in sports and running and weight training.

I went from running 5k a day, to no longer being able to run more then a K without extreme discomfort.

My hips now have this burning feeling, as well as with the other joints in my body

Ive been tested for Everything, Lupus, lyme, RA, EVERYTHING comes back negative, i am perfectly healthy according to everyone. seen 2
rheumatologist,( who sent me for an MRI and a
BONE SCAN) 2 Family Drs,
and a chiro. and no one knows whats going on

The Rheumy Said nothing was wrong and told me to stop coming back.

So now here i am, 22 years old supposed to be in the prime of my life and im dealing with this problem no one even understands of acknowledges. I cant get it off my mind and its effecting me going to school and moving on with my career. I just lost a great girl because of the problems i am dealing with, and my confidence with finding another one is completely shot, which is messed up because ive never, ever prior to this had any problem with women or confidence. I try and weight train because i dont want to get out of shape, but i just cant do what i used to. and cardio and sports are basically out of the question. as well as work is becoming more and more difficult by the day.

WHAT DO I DO? all the research i have looked at points to arthritis or fibro, but i have no inflammation and Joint cracking and grinding isint a symptom of Fibromyalgia

Aright well i am kind of rambling on now, i guess what im here for is some type of direction, maybe even a small ray of hope that i will be able to live a normal life, and not slowing wearing away to nothing. Does anyone else have these symptoms? What did you do to get help? where did you go?

Please, someone steer me in the right direction

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  • I been having the same problem, but I also have hand numbing tingling, muscle twitching all over and limb jerks. I was wondering if you was using any supplements during the time when u was very active. I was very active for 20years, the gym was my 2nd home. Last year my health went downhill and the Doctors cant seem to figure it out. At first I felt like I was getting injured a lot and it got worse from there. I started getting depressed and eventually started having panic attacks. I'm trying to get this figured out also.
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  • Hi, I am a physical therapist. First, cracking and popping are never a sign that anything is wrong. People develop popping or snapping or grinding for all kinds of reasons and they are not an indication that there is a problem....unless they are associated with pain. So, even though you have these signs, doctors will always ignore them as they are not symptoms of a problem. What I would be concerned with is the stiffness and pain. Both are signs of inflammation. Easy exercise (light swimming, stationary biking) are good forms of repetitive easy exercise that helps with joint mobility. Consider using ice for those joints that are painful. Finally, although not my area of expertise, I would wonder if at your age and being that all the other testing the doctors have come up with have not found anything, if you might have some type of allergy that is causing your body to react with inflammation. Some times a food allergy can have this reaction. Since you've exhausted other means, consider seeing an allergist. Hope this helps. Good luck. ~JTrempe PT, ATC http://www.joint-pain-solutions.com
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  • Jackyj Did you ever get a dx? i have the exact same problems with much pain in almost all joints.
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  • If I can suggest to be more firm with your doctors that this is affecting your daily routines. I would ask for an MRI. Both writers of this thread have described my daily body activities I am healthy just very stiff, sore, loud joints, numb, tingly and tired. I run a company from my home. I take daily injections. I have several pain medications and medications to keep me awake. I was diagnosed with M.S in 2004. I am just happy they figured it out and so quickly lol only 3 years. Doctors I find only do the obvious- if it is bones related an X-ray and if it doesn't show anything nothing is wrong. They never think well maybe it is nerve related causing the damage!Good luck!MSgirl73
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  • I would hope you found the answer already but I have the same issues which is my right hip is tilted forward. As a result all of my bones have shifted and popped and the only way to fix some of it is to stay fit and keep your muscles strong to hold the bones on place. A doctor can prescribe you mobic for pain which is seriously amazing for me. Again, I hope someone told you by now.
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    • November 16, 2014
    • 01:08 AM
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  • I have the same problem along with muscle pain and twitching everywhere. Like when i move my hands i can feel my bones grinding...i really do not know what it is but i hope its not something really bad.
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  • Hey guys i have the same problems
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    • December 5, 2015
    • 05:36 PM
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  • Hey guys
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    • December 5, 2015
    • 05:38 PM
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  • I have same problems every joint in my body I'm 44 male was very active but now just keep to swimming,walking and strength exercises I've had clicking joints all my life Docters says I have osteoarthritis which started in knees now every joint in my body in a mater of months so no hope for me have even thought of sucide knowing soon will not be able to move without servere pain and no cure coming out in my life time,just knowing in near future I'm not going to be able to work which in turn can't pay my mortgage lose house.docters just take paracetamol as know can't do anything for you on top of that you tell people you have oa they laugh what at age think I'm joking winds me up.
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    • January 7, 2016
    • 00:29 AM
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  • There's no actual test for fibro or treatment I go through all of your symptoms I have conditions in my legs called CRPS an I've gig fibro in my full body, lupus and Raynaud's it's not nice conditions it causes me extreme pain, I'm only 27 an have been like this since I was 23. I take various high dose pain meds an I'm unable to walk or stand anymore due to the pain so I'm in a wheelchair. X
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    • January 14, 2016
    • 06:14 AM
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  • Same story here.
    I'm prone to the fact that it all comes from a not-aligned-bone-structure, compromising some nerves mostly in the spine Which could be creating the stiffness.
    Check this link to grasp some guidance in the issue.
    Hope it works for you.

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • February 15, 2016
    • 09:02 PM
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