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Joint pain,skin,throat and lymphnode problems.any help would be appreciated..please..

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  • Posted By: Tinman
  • April 24, 2007
  • 06:28 PM

Hello,I am a 38 year old married male with kids and not likeing life much anymore.This all started about 5 years ago with severe head aches in the back of my head that lasted about 6 months or so.Cat scan of head showed only alittle scaring around pituitary gland.after that the joint pain settled in for good ,so far starting with knees,neck,big toe and elbows and since everywhere there is a joint.Knees are swollen now and feet swell worse at nite.Everywhere there is swelling there is broken veins in the area includeing under my right arm where it is swollen about the size of a ping pong ball and semi soft. Raynauds in fingers when they start getting cold. My throat just swelled inside about 3 months ago so bad was having hard time swallowing but now seems to have gone down to a point and has stopped where it stays the same size.Pills would and still do get stuck.Food used to get stuck it was so bad.Went to er room for it one night and all Dr. said was looks like infection and gave me antibiotics which did nothing.I have bad stomach aches in the mornings,every morning.Now the left side of my neck up close to under my upper jaw is swollen.I have had acne like symptoms on back,chest and shoulders and upper arms bad since this has all happened.Was on steroids for awhile and it helped the skin problems and helped some joint pain mainly in all areas but knees.also have dry skin problems around mouth,nose,ears and between eyes and at ankles.Fatigue is also there pretty bad.I have been checked a few times for lyme,Ra,gout,lupus and have had simple blood tests done all of which i guess show nothing or are negative.also had a bone scan done about one and half years ago which showed nothing.all of this has been out of pocket and now i have a hard time working to get enough money to afford health insurance.There is cancer running through my family like blood through your veins.My grand ma just died on the 19th from bile duct cancer,my moms breats cancer is back but in her liver and back and my dad has non-hogdkins for 14 years now and everybody else has died from it or has it and i mean everybody.Not sure what to do or what to look for.Go to er room again and tell them i'm dying or try to save for insurance for probably only one month??? any suggestions would be so appreciated..The doctor i was seeing probably just thinks i'm a druggie cause thats how i get through and now those has stopped and pain is terrible! he wont do anything else without cat scan and i have not got the money. I had always been very athletic all my life up till this all started.would absolutely love to hear any suggestions...Thanks alot for your time and hopefully you are healthy!!

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  • Also I forgot to mention the bone like growth right under my sternum as if it is attached to the bottom of it.It too is about the size of a ping pong ball and very hard like bone.It used to be the size of a bean until this year it is like it grew over nite.Thanks again for your time...
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