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Joint, bone, and skin pain

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  • Posted By: Maple Leaf
  • April 13, 2007
  • 02:45 PM

I am posting this on both the musculoskeletal, and the skin forums, because I don't know which might bring more help...

I'm 47. Since December 2006, I've been to several doctors describing some rather bizarre and seemingly unrelated symptoms that won't stop.

1. Started with a large hive on my left hand, followed by joint pain
2. The hive keeps coming and going approximately the same location on my left hand and occasionally on my right hand and the tops of both feet
3. Swelling throughout the top of my left hand and wrist won't disappear
4. Joint pain goes up in my wrist and fingers
5. Two Lupus tests - both negative
6. Treated with Relefin, then got rash all over body (they thought this was Relefin reaction)
7. Rash now faded, but general small-dotty type redness in face, neck, and chest that has only been there since this started
8. Individual small pockets (like hives but they don't itch) of swelling appearing on the top of both hands and now the tops of my feet near my ankles
9. Achey feeling in the bones wherever these pockets of swelling appear
10. Petechiae started appearing all over (never had this before). Saw my GP who agreed it was petechiae and ran bloodtests -- all normal. Dermetolgist said it was my age (this guy was WORTHLESS)
11. Rheumetologist was very good, but couldn't help -- she ran about 20 different bloodtests -- all normal
12. But I think the worst part is the skin pain! It feels like someone has dragged me along the highway. My skin burns like sunburn, but feels scraped, and this occurs in patches all over my body. Most effected is the back of my thighs, tops of my thighs, around my waist, and under my arms (down the backs of them).
13. The swellings, joint pain, and skin pain all seem to occur more during times of stress, but can pop out at any time, worsening at night.
14. Fatigue - comes on quickly where I just burn out although I was fine an hour before
15. Oh, and last but not least, weight gain. I've gained about twenty-thirty pounds since December and appear very swollen and puffy, especially in my face, hands, feet, and mid-section.

Well, I think that's it. This is making my life miserable and there are so many possibilities, I don't know where to go or what type of doctor to see. Please help!

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  • :( I share your pain. My legs and feet are involved, my legs, dry patchy skin, in some places will bleed if scratched in the wrong manner. This alone is extremely uncomfortable and annoying. My feet, humph! they are swollen big time, do you remember Fred Flintstone? well i've gone beyond that. All my doctors can say is, keep your feet elevated, ya right, all day? i don't think so. Well to get to my point, i'm a smoker, have been for the past 40 yr's. The doctors tell you to quit, do you? no*. I have found that by smoking maybe three times a day, i can see a noticeble change, it's so easy a small chilld could understand it, why can;t we?http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u298/hogndog/Happy_baby.gif
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  • Hello, I can identify with what you are feeling.I had a total parathyroidectomy in 2004 and they implanted a part of one into my right forearm so that I have parathryoid function. Parathryoid function allows your bones to absorb calcium. If you have too much parathyroid hormone you become hyperparathyoid or too little, hypoparathyroid. They found this condition from a bone density test which revealed that I had severe osteoporosis and also realizing that a kidney stone problem was related to this diagnosis. My bones were thinning at an alarming rate for my age. After running a battery of tests, they determined that I had hyperparathyroidism and the only way to treat it is with surgery. It is a very destructive problem to have an pretty rare, however I believe that many more women have this problem then they know about. During the surgery to remove a tumor on the parathyroid, they determined that I needed all four removed as I was considered hyperplastic with a familial genetic "too large" of parathyroid glands. I am doing better, but I am left with the many symptoms that you are talking about. Even my hair seems to hurt at times.My bones are very painful and it is "NOT" joint pain but more of a raw bone pain. I think it is nerve related as the disease does affect the Central Nervous System, but I don't know and I am tired of doctors! My greatest fear is that all of this bone pain and unknow symptoms will become something serious again. Does anyone know if osteoporosis can cause a type of bone pain that seems more nerve associated i.e. sharp, stinging and sends electrical impulses of pain in areas (especially the hips).
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  • http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u298/hogndog/atpc.gif I knew a man with symptoms like yours. Go and visit a profesional Physician that can give you a thourough blood work up. I pray that it's not what I think it is. Sorry I don't have better news.:(
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  • Can you tell me more about your friend and their condition? I have had many tests from the parathyroid and low blood calcium problems. They read fairly normal with exception to the low blood calcium and "0" parathyroid function.My body is telling me that something is wrong.
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  • http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u298/hogndog/character0029.gif Yes I can, he owned a garage, mechanic ya know. Well, one day at the shop he was putting a lot of torque on a wrench when all of a sudden he broke his arm. Now that's been some 15 yr's ago and I moved, so I don't know what the final outcome was. Go and see a Professional in the field of cancer research. Or I could look for a possible alternative. Think about it, just don't wait to long. While your doing your thing i'll be doing mine, my Sister passed on to be with the Lord about 3 mo's. ago, so I know how you must feel. Well I best get started. Now don't you get excited like my friend here, O.k.
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  • Have a good day and take care.Sorry about your friend. Sounds like he had ostoporosis and didn't know about it..and this happens a lot.I am going to think positive thoughts since my blood work has been normal as of October. I will get it checked out with my Endocrinologist. I know that I have severe osteoporosis already but that should be correctly itself from the parathyroidectomy. Bone regeneration is a natural thing once the PTH hormone is normal again in our bodies.
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  • :o http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u298/hogndog/nono.gifI feel like an idiot for being so negative, really I am, Sorry.
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