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is this just osteoarthritis?

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  • Posted By: hunter271
  • May 14, 2009
  • 05:22 AM

My husband is 52 years old. He was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease (osteoarthritis of the spine). He underwent lower back surgery this past September to repair herniatian and degeneration of L1-S1 vertebrae. He was in terrible pain before the surgery, but now almost eight months later he is in excrutiating pain; even more than before the surgery. He is now having pain in his hips, knees, hands, ankles, wrists, elbows, and neck. He has pain so severe now that he cannot walk more than 10 minutes at a time. It has gotten so unbearable that he doesn't want to continue at times...He cannot sleep in bed, he sleeps in his recliner because it is the only place he can feel some semblence of comfort. His ankles swell up after he is on his feet for even the smallest amount of time. He has headaches in his eyes intermittently. He had an MRI to check for any type of loosening of the hardware or possible bone fragments. The MRI was negative, however, it did show nodules on the spine, but the doctor said they are from the osteoarthritis. The doctor checked for lupus, his sedimentation rate, and for rheumatory arthritis. All of those tests were negative. I was wondering if it would be worth our while to have a bone density scan done or something of that nature. If anyone has any suggestions or advice for me, I'd love to hear from you. I feel that he has been through enough already.

Thank you in advance,


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  • Hello hunter271, I have no "expert" idea, nor am I familiar with anyone that suffers similarly ... however, things I would, personally, look into may be possible circulatory problems (the swelling after such short periods of time). I would ask the doctor about the bone density tests as well, of course, and also about the condition of the nerves that travel throughout the body. The central nervous system is comprised of the entire spine and the brain and the CNS governs the entire body, both sympathetic and non-sypathetic functions. Perhaps the nerve conductions are off ... that sounds very possible with the herniation and degeneration of the spine along with the osteoarthritis/nodules. Also, I'm wondering if the MRI was done, both, with and without contrast in case there may be more to see ... if that would be feasible in your husband's case (as is in mine, CNS ... neurological, brain/spine transmission problems). I'm grasping at straws here, however, I see no harm in asking the providers to narrow the possibilities down ... and to ease your mind and especially, your husband's discomforts. I suffer great pain and at present I am prescribed Morphine for it; so far ... it has proven effective in my case with a bit of Ibuprophen between doses. In my case, surgical procedures are not applicable ... I have a "mystery" brain/white matter disease and still await a conclusive diagnosis pending the outcome of test results.
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