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is it muscular skelotor?

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  • Posted By: raymae
  • November 18, 2006
  • 08:34 PM

i am 32 years old and for approx 4 months i have had an ache in my right shoulder, its at the front between coller bone and armpit area. i have full movement of shoulder with no problems. it sometimes hurts when breathing in, but not always and it also feels worse if my shoulder is moved inwards (if i twist to pick something up with my right arm that is to the left of me) and also of i bend down to reach something with my right arm. all other movements seem fine. every now and then it seems to go away or at least not be noticable enough to bother me for a couple of days. the only time it is painful is if ive been more energetic then usual (like one night i did a lot of dancing and the next day it was awful)
i also have experienced occassional aches and pains in other areas ribs/sternum/back/sides/neck , which have been also on and off but are not as consistant as the shoulder area. i see doctor who did some bloodtests fbc crp esr, all come back fine, so she now feels its a muscular skelotor problem and has refered me to physio (waiting on appointment)
just wondering what anyone else makes of this?
4 months previous to having this trouble i had been re diagnosed with asthma (due to chronic cough) which seems to have settled with the asthma medication (only have dry cough on waking, which is very slight )
but also get a lot of heartburn and have like silent burps that feel like sick (no other way to describe it im afraid) coming up and horrible yukky tastes. any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated and would also be nice to hear from anyone else with any similar problems.kind regards to all and thank you for reading.

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  • Gosh from a professional point of view you have a lot going on! If you are in the UK go onto www.fht.org.uk I am not a fan of the organisation itself but it does have a link to finding a therapist in your area. A good remedial/sport massage therapist. Whether they are any good or not...well sometimes, I'm afriad, it's pot luck. The muscles which are causing you a problem could easily be related to your breathing dfficulties but, I have to say, I get the feeling there's a lot more going on ie: historic problems/injuries. I would also consider an osteopath, poss rib problems. If you are in the Oxfordshire, Warks, Glos area I know a genius and will let you have details if you like. let me know. If you are going to an NHS physio I can't see you getting much improvement, private physio may be better (more hand's on) but I don't think this is what you need. Obviously I am trying to help without physically seeing you which is almost impossible but if I can assist any further please let me know Good Luck. D
    musclemadness 6 Replies
    • November 20, 2006
    • 05:16 AM
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  • Osteopath will help you no end.A physiotheoropist will be practically useless; osteos can give better exercises for you to do and can also do manipulation but only if you need it. Private preferrably. I agree with D, NHS in UK, Australia and USA is useless, your health will pay dearly due to inappropriate treatment or the systems reluctance to spend money on us. In the long run falking out a few of your own pounds or dollars will be far less painful.Then a visit or two to a pilates instructor might be beneficial to show you how to stand and sit properly.Try to find out about Buteyko breathing for your asthma.Take a teaspoon of bicarb of soda disolved in water for the heartburn, not too tasty but either is the bile, it neutralises the acid in you stomach. Take only when really necessary so you dont go from being too acidic to being to0 alkaline.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 20, 2006
    • 10:57 AM
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  • Thank you to both of you for your advice. kind regards.
    raymae 21 Replies
    • November 21, 2006
    • 09:12 AM
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