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Inner Thigh Pain - Please help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 13, 2008
  • 07:58 PM

So I am hoping that someone might be able to help.

I have pain in the inside of my thigh that runs from the groin area (but not the groin) down to my knee. I have had a hip MRI (all ok), done physical therapy to strengthen that area (to no avail), acupuncture (no help), seen a DO (did not know what this was), had nerves tested (all ok), had a back MRI (slight bulge in L4-L5), then I started seeing a chiropractor as an alternative to a suggested cortisone shot to the back (suggested by the nerve guy). I have also had my thigh and back massaged, but this did not change anything.

The chiropractor was able to actually change the pain; for a little bit I had it in both legs then it was more around the front. Now it is back to normal and I am thinking of what to do next.

This started while I was biking and then got worse when running. I can still do these things, but there may be pain after some time. When there is pain, nothing will take care of it. I have recently tried to ice my back (last two nights for 3x20 min) and have not yet felt that this is productive.

My chiropractor is suggesting a cortisone shot to the back (also suggested by the guy who tested nerves) and/or a inversion table. He also suggested arch supports, which I now wear although they do not seem to help - but I am now addicted to them.

I have been rather active in the past, but the pain is limiting how much I can do and I am seriously running out of ideas. Does any body have this same pain and did you find a cure?

The pain occurs when running, biking, sitting for an hour or so, walking up and down hills. About the only thing that does not hurt is lying down or walking on flat ground, but these things do not take away the pain. I have tried NSAID's (advil and more powerful) and have no improvement. I have been trying to fix this for a year and a half and nothing has helped.
Additionally, no doctor has really been able to replicate the pain by moving my leg this way or that.

Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you!

I should add that aside from the hip pain, I do not believe that I have any other pertinent health problems.

I am in Denver, Colorado.

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  • Hi john,I too was having all types of aches and pains that no dr. could find out why other than the usual osteoporosis and osteoarthritis at the age of 47.this was last year.it effected my every day living and just getting up for work was an effort.driving to work was an effort. everything was. just turning my neck hurt because it felt like it was going to get stuck if I turned it to a point. I can't explain it well other than I was hurting.my family dr referred me to a rheumy dr. and he dx'd me with fibromyalgia.gave me some medicine told me to come back and when I did I told him it wasn't helping me.as I was getting off the table and getting ready to put on my coat to leave, he thought at the last minute to ask me a question. he asked me if anyone had ever had my vitamin D level checked, because if you're deficient, it can cause a host of pain at any part of your body.as it was doing mine.low and behold some one found out what was going on and my level was down to 19. Now I'm trying to spread the word to everyone I come across who is hurting and has no medical explanation. You can give it a shot and it wouldn't hurt to at least test it.it is after all an epidemic in this country I found out. more and more people are being diagnosed with this.I wish you well and wish I could've answered your specific question.good luck,Linda
    lintek 26 Replies
    • November 24, 2008
    • 01:32 PM
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