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I to suffer from muscle spasms and doctors are clueless.

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  • January 13, 2016
  • 10:54 PM

I get muscle spasms so bad all over my body at different times. A back spasm kept me laid out for a week. An outer thigh and hip sent me to the hospital feeling like a sprain. I was on crutches. My muscles lock up and twitch like crazy. I drink plenty of water, potassium level is good, I get enough sodium and I eat healthy. I watch my carbs as that can act like a sponge and suck the water from muscle tissue. I have dealt with this for 30 years and flexural don't cut it. I'm thinking now of maybe seeing a neurologist. I also have a stutter stammer when I talk and some days are better then others when I speak. I hate the thought of becoming an 80 yr. old woman and the care taker s will wonder why I'm screaming in pain. I also hade a thought if maybe it's caused from our environment. The medications not totally removed from our drinking water or hormones in our meats and preservatives and additives in our food...who knows!

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  • I too have the severe muscle spasms & cramps. They have started getting much worse. It started with severe pain at the base of my skull but now the worst of it is at stomach, under right rib cage and left side where my spleen is. I have liver damage w/ Cirrhosis. Had HepC from tainted blood in 1979 after miscarriage. In 2009 I was diagnosed after the fatigue was so bad I couldn't do anything. I am sure my liver is getting much worse because it hurts all the time. I get so tired from being in pain. It's no quality of life. The pain can double you over & you can do nothing but cry because it hurts so bad.Nothing helps it & nothing stops it. I go to my Dr. @ MUSC in Charleston, SC at the end of the month for my liver. Will post again when hopefully I have some answers. I do hope you feel better!!

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    • January 17, 2016
    • 03:19 PM
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  • I have suffered from all over muscle spasms for about two years. I have found that if (right at the onset) I drink DISTILLED WATER...A LOT OF IT!...The spasms subside. I keep distilled water everywhere...where I can easily reach the bottle. My spasms start at the rear, upper thigh...when I notice some tightness...I grab the distilled water and after about 10 mins of huge pain and a shaking hands and "shivering" (while drinking!!) ...it subsides. I believe I get dehydrated after working hard...then I get a magnesium unbalance. Normal water contains minerals and that will make it worse!!! My Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium levels get out of "wack"...remember..it must be distilled water (no minerals!!!).
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