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help arthritis, muscle and joint weakness, fatigue, muscle twitching...lymes?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 27, 2009
  • 08:02 AM

I have been unable to get medical attention because of insurencv problems (just moved back to the US and have applied for ins...now waiting for approval.) and need help with possible diagnosis. I have arthritis in almost every joint, muscle pain, migrating pains as well as constant symmetrical pain, weakness in joints and muscles, neck pain, back pain, feet and hands, it hurts to walk in the morning, I notice feet pain and stiffness in feet and hands especially in the morning. If feels like the pain is on either side of my arch and on the balls of my feet. The pains are not unbearable, but they are constant.

I don't know if any of this in connected...but, it all started with strange small blisters on my hands resembling ant bites or poison ivy. It was around the time I had spent some time fishing in the countryside in the US and then flew back to Europe where I had lived for about 2.5 years. I also felt sick and dizzy as if I was dealing with internal infection or something. The rash is recurrent and has reappeared 3 or 4 times at about 1-2 month intervals. The rash was worse during the last flare up. The blisters can be clear or whitish and seem fluid filled and can group together. They occur all over tops of hands and on the sides and bottom of fingers just before the fingers attach to the palms. I've noticed them on my palms as well. Now I have what seems like dry peeling skin where the bumps were.

During the second episode (in Europe), I also had serious fatigue, sore throat, what felt like urethritis and a kidney/bladder infection. I also had a week or so where I felt terribly in my head as if I had a concussion every morning. Every night during that period I would get very tired and wanted to sleep. When I first had the feeling in my head, I felt as though I had inflammation in my brain and felt crazy and wildly panicked. (I've had similar symptoms once again for a single night, but not the same pressure or concussion like feeling). I called emergency care which told me I had no acute symptoms and did not admit me. Blood tests at the doctor showed no signs of infection or internal bodily malfunction. Blood pressure and pulse and heart checked out fine. Urine and mouth pH tests and chemical tests showed no sign of bacterial infection. I've taken both antibiotics for chlamydia and penicillin, although never testing positive for it or having any reason to worry. But I continued to have fatigue and pressure in my head. I tried to sleep it off and told myself I was fine. I had some arthritis in my hands then.

The arthritis started in my hands and has since spread to the rest of my body. I know feel pain and have stiffness/weakness and clicking painful joints in my wrists, shoulders, kneck and knees. I have steady soreness in my elbows and knees and knees. Sitting at the dinner table tonight, I simply tried to stretch out my wrist and slightly injured it. I've never had problems like this before. Although, I have had problems with wrist from some time now, but I thought it was a sports injury. Now both wrists have the problem.

Also, my feet burn when I leave them on the ground for an extended period of time, especially the heels or balls and edges of my feet. I have serious pain in the mornings and limp around in the morning.

Activity in general helps the arthritis and it gets worse when I am still. I am beginning to have trouble lifting even slightly heavy things especially in the last few days.

I also have muscle twitches in the hands, calves and face. And I get random sharp pains in my shins and hands and wrists as if it's coming from the bone.

I feel like I've lost more hair than I have been usually loosing in the past...could be my imagination.

I get very tired around mid morning and in the evening and at night. The past two days I've had the worst symptoms. I believe all the of the symptoms (except for the initial rash on my hands) started about 3 months ago after a period of extreme stress and anxiety. I actually had what was diagnosed as an anxiety attack, but felt like a heart attack, with a period of elevated heart rate or racing heart and faintness and shortness of breath. All blood tests and EKG's etc were normal then.

Although some symptoms, such as the feet sensetivity and the arthritis in the hands may have been around for longer than 3 months...if so they have definitely gotten worse. I'm not sure if they are the same.

I have had a tick. It was a small brown tick in Northern Europe on my arm. I removed it, but it's head may have gotten stuck. I had some slight redness around the bite with a little irritation, but it was never much and the red circle was only about half a centimeter or less in diameter. Could what I have be lymes? I was tested in Europe for Borrelia, but the blood test was negative. I've heard and read those tests can be tricky. Could I still have lymes?

My skin seems otherwise healthy and without lesions than on my hands. In April I was tested for HIV and Hepatitis and both were negative. Although, I did test positive for antibodies for Hepatitis as I had been vaccinated once. From innitial investigation and advice (unofficial without actually seeing a physician), I've been told I could have psoriatic arthritis, Rieter's syndrome, infectious arthritis, rheumatic fever, lyme's disease, lupus, or an autoimmune disease. I've had various std and blood tests over the past three years and have tested negative for everything every time. Doctors in Denmark were stumped telling me that should be healthy and that it was probably stress and my imagination.

Now I'm in the US, living here. Can anyone help? Does anyone have any clues? Thanks so much. I am getting worse every day. Lately I've been very tired, impatient and unhappy. Also, I've noticed that it is somewhat uncomfortable to have sex and I am extra sensitive on parts of my penis, although it mostly looks and feels healthy. I've also had a diminished sex drive. Not sure if this info is relevant, but I have some red discoloration and slight indentations that are slightly bluish and off color. It's on the head of my penis and seems to have gotten worse during this entire period. Doctors and girlfriend think that it looks normal. But i know that it's changed a little and fear that it might have something to do with this illness...

If it's any help, I'm taking a variety of herbal supplements on recommendation of an herbal nutritionist and have been since the beginning of August, when I returned to the US. So I should have all the vitamins I need. But no improvement yet. Please help.

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  • also, I'm a male in my mid twenties...
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    • August 28, 2009
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  • i have the same sympthomsplz contact me b555@walla.co.il
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  • Hi, i have the same symptoms for 2years.just wondering, have you find out what is causing it?Thanks
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    • November 16, 2010
    • 11:06 AM
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  • I have similar symptoms, the only twitching is my eye. Any diagnosis? I live in the Midwest.
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