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  • Posted By: Rozenwine
  • November 4, 2006
  • 10:40 PM

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what is going on with me. Doctors are not real helpful. I just had a baby 8 months ago. About the last 2 months of the pregnancy I developed severe back pain. I figured it was becasue I was pregnant and unusually large. Even though I was only pregant with a singleton I was measuring 10 weeks further along than I really was. I was HUGE, to say the least. Anyway, had the baby, by C-section. Pain never went away it has only preceded to get worse and now even more symptoms. The pain in my lower back is horrible. I can not sleep, sit or stand. Anything I do can not be in long time spans becasue I can not do it. I used to sleep on my stomach before I was pregnant, I can not even think of doing this now, because it is way too painful. It has proceded to make my left hip sore and my right knee, these pains never subside. I have lost range of motion in my left leg; I can no longer put a shoe of sock on it by myself. My tailbone has stated to hurt tremendously, when I sit. I have bad shooting pains in my pelvis area everyday. My wrist and elbows are painful. I am constantly tired. Yes, I know I have a new baby, but I have a 12 y.o.,14 y.o., and a husband that do most of the work with her because I can not. I guess the fatigue could be becasue I can not get rest because I am up all night in pain. I can hardly carry my baby. If I stand too long my back burns horribly. There are several times a week I think about going to the hospital becasue I hurt so bad. My dr has only done an x-ray and said nothings wrong, that it is just post partuem stuff. Unfortunately I have insurance where I have to go to only certain Dr's.

I am not sure if these symptoms are related or not, so I thought I would throw them in just in case. I am having a photo sensitivity issue. I have to wear sunglasses in the day if sis un bright or my eyes are extremely painful. If I am out in the sun I burn easily. Used to be able to be out in sun all the time. I have to wear long sleeves, hats, and pants all summer. If the sun just barely gets to me like in a vehilce, I will break out into an itchy red rash where the sun hit my skin. I also now have a problem with night blindness. I can not see to drive at night when it isar. This used to not be a problem. These things have developed over the past few years.

This is insane, it has almost been 9 months and things only keep getting worse everyday. Anyone else ever have this type of problem?

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