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First Knee Pain and then

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 17, 2007
  • 06:25 AM

I'm sure it's all relative, but my doctor takes so long and goes off on so many tangents that I'm growing impatient. Then with this whole hmo thing it's difficult to get a second opinion.

Ever since I can remember I get extremely tired at times and just need to lie down and sleep. If you wake me during this time then it's not very pleasant. If I don't get to sleep during this time then I'm extremely irritable and angry. My body feels like it's expanding then especially my ankles. My joints get sore. My fatigue is roughly right behind my eyes. It lasts for a few hours.

Then I started getting knee problems. Sure, I was overweight but he said that it was happening a little early. My knee joints are worn down to the point when I gain weight they really hurt and lock, especially in cold weather.

There are times when I can't move to get out of bed. My joints feel all locked up, especially my hips. All of my joints creek and crack. Now my neck is stiff which could be a coincidence, but it's been going on for over a few months. My fingers also hurt sometimes and feel locked up.

I have extremely dry skin to the point where it itches terribly. I'm very carbohydrate intolerant to where I gain weight really easily if I'm eating breads and sugars.

He did some blood tests and thought I had a liver problem but that was wrong and then said my calcium levels were unusually low. Of course I never get a "it could be this so let's try..."

I get migraines like crazy.

Could all this be related? It's been getting progressively worse as I age. Thank God I work from home because going out and working in the mornings would be near impossible although they wouldn't consider me disabled, and I don't think i am, I just hurt a lot and want to sleep all the time.

Isn't there a chart where people enter the same symptoms and see if there is anything in common? I would hate to think I have 50 things wrong with me when there could be just one underlying source.

Any ideas? :-)


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