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Everyone is giving up on me!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 1, 2009
  • 08:19 AM

My last hope is that someone on here will know what's wrong with me. =[

I've had severe knee pain since I was 16 years old. I used to kneel in front of the computer (I didn't have a desk, so I put my laptop on this little tea table) a lot, and that seems to be when it started. Now I'm 19, and I am still undiagnosed.

My joints (namely both my knees) swell up anywhere around where the tibia (the lower leg bone?) meets at my knee joint. It swells up so badly that it presses my bone out grotesquely. It used to just happen on the outer perimeter of my knee, but now it's occurring literally anywhere that bone meets the joint. It hurts really bad when I try to move the joint around when it gets into that state, and it's a really crippling pain. When I went away to college my first year, I lived on the top floor (third) of my residence hall, and trying to make my way down the stairs would often cause me to vomit from the pain. I spent the majority of my time at college limping around campus. It was very debilitating because it made it hard for me to get to class, and it made it hard for me to sit in class because it hurt so much to bend the joint and be stationary.

Being stationary seems to trigger this condition. But, it doesn't happen all of the time, and it's a traveling thing - it's happened in my left knee, my right knee, sometimes in my feet, and anywhere around the joint. There have been the unfortunate times when its happened to both knees at once. The pain is so severe that walking to the bathroom is like taking on a monumental task which usually ends in me throwing up by the time I get there. When this happens (which isn't always. sometimes it wont happen for months, and then suddenly flare up again), it wakes me up in the middle of the night... like now, for instance, and makes it hard for me to be able to function because I'm so tired by the time class rolls around but I'm also in so much pain.

Once, my foot became so swollen that I had to wear flip flops in December. My professor saw my foot and told me to go to the infirmary because it had to be broken. :x It wasn't obviously, but walking on it definitely felt like it was broken.

It doesn't just hurt when I have to move the joints afflicted. It actually pulsates with pain just whenever. This didn't happen when I first got it - the condition seems to be getting progressively worse every year.

If I walk around and try to keep moving despite the pain, it will subside a little bit and become more bearable. Usually, 1-3 hours of walking can make the pain begin to go away. However, if I sit down for say... 5-10 minutes, it will come back at full force. Sometimes even worse than before. This happened a lot walking back and forth in between classes, and then sitting to try and have lunch really quick and try to beat the pain. lol

So it's been three years. I've been tested for Lyme disease, I've had my blood tested (to check for various things including tendonitis), I've had x-rays, and I recently had an mri. Everything negative, there's nothing to be found. I seen just about every type of doctor, and I don't think anyone takes me seriously. =[ One doctor told me that my legs were just so long that my bone wasn't aligned with a groove in my knee cap? And told me that was what was causing the pain, and it happens to a lot of girls.

But I don't really believe that. I don't know anyone who is going through what I'm going through. And I'm afraid because it is a condition that's getting progressively worse with time. My parents don't know what else to do and say that 'this is it' because that's all the tests they could put me through. So basically, I'm going to have to just pump myself full of advil and anti-inflammatory pills for the rest of my life? They don't even work. If they did, I wouldn't be up right now writing really frantically on this random forum. lol

If anyone recognizes what I have or have any suggestions as to what I can do to help myself, please tell me. I've tried physical therapy, and I go very soft on my joint - I use the elliptical instead of running, etc. Moving my joint in anyway (up and down, side to side, etc) is excruciating. Please help me anybody.

Thanks for your time. =[

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