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Elbow pain 4 years

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  • Posted By: digger29
  • February 25, 2007
  • 02:38 PM

I have had 4 mri's in the past 4 years on my elbows and every one has been a different diagnoses. In the first 3 they were the same in one which was bilateral epicondlytis, but the last one said I have developed a focal tear and all the Dr said he can do is cut out the torn part. I have been complaining of a feeling of rocks under my bones some times I can pick up a gallon of milk no problem but a minute later the same motion gives me a sharp pain to whick I cleaning up the floor from having to drop it. I have had to drop ladders. Broken alot of glass cups I have so many symtoms its pathetic. I been diagnosed also with dequervains also. also I had a torn TFC type 1a to which I had a debridement. In 1998 I was dianosed with Late stage lyme & its been all down hill from there. I also had a groin injury 6 months ago to which is not healed yet. I rely on my arms & legs to earn a living & I can not get the right treatment. I will do anything at this point including going out of the country to get well. I believe there is bone fragments in my arms making a mess of all the connecting tissue. I have spotted some in the mri's but the ortho just says its probably sac's of moisture . I will let a pre med student open my arms up at this point to get rid of the fragments. Help ! JFK:confused:

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  • Wow! I've had bilateral arm pain for 7 months. Seen neuro, ortho, PT and a variety of tests all looking normal. Yet, we sound the same with the dropping of milk, wincing pain etc. Just this week I went to a chiropracter who is now betting her children's life that bilateral entrapment etc are not accurate. Just tonite she worked on my arms and for the first time in 7 months I could drive more than 15 minutes without hand numbness/tingling!!!!Suggest you get all your xrays, test results and head to the chiropractor. I can't imagine 4 years of this. Good luck and God Bles..
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  • Thank you for your reply, I have had nerve test done on both arms twice the first they said I had some nerve damage & the second was normal.I have been to a chiropractor before for my neck. He did a awesome job, I thought I had a slipped disk of something I went to my Primary Doctor & he did not see anything major wrong and sent me home with muscle relaxers. A week later I still had not improved I went there he said it was a cold in my neck this was assuring to me that these guys are quacks but low & behold he snapped my neck then back & what a rush of great feeling, I was totally better in 2 days. I will try it but I do not think it will help. Thank you again for your time & advice. JFK
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  • Chances are, if 3 out of 4 MRI said bilateral epicondylitis, then that is probably the case. Usually epicondylitis hallmarks itself by:-pain with FINE grasping/gripping, especially small or thin objects (as opposed to large, heavier objects).-use of fingers, turning doorknobs, shaking hands, etc.-tenderness to palpation/touch at the elbow-occasionally can cause numbness, i.e. Radial Tunnel Syndrome or Supinator Syndrome.I would try:-Brace that keeps the wrist immobile, but the fingers free to be used-GENTLE soft tissue massage to the forearm by a Physical Therapist-Ultrasound and Iontophoresis to the elbow (medial and lateral)-Ice the elbow after activity-GENTLE cross friction massage to the elbow by a Physical Therapist-once symptoms decrease, follow this with gentle therapeutic exercises that DO NOT cause pain.~Chris If this does not work, maybe try Acupuncture...if no luck there, surgery may be indicated.
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  • Thank you for yor reply " I have gone to PT , I went for 6 weeks , It did work after a couple weeks but got worse there after, I use heat & sometimes ice, when I can sit down. I also injured my shouder and had a bad groin pull, to which we at first suspected a inginual hernia. I have thrown out my arm and shoulder many times being a window washer (Owner Operater). I had groin pulls to , I used to a competetive speed skater I won states when I was 9 years old . I have been in track, ran cross country. Been a staight Leg Infanrtymen,many speed marches, Played baseball. Etc. Being a seasonal worker,and being ADD Had Adhd when I was a kid my mom keep me going as I liked it.Having to get into top shape every year has its mornings of stiffness, having hand cramps in every hand movement to start , I could deal this when I had to just put up with it for 6 weeks or so every year, but now its all the time.I truely believe this has something to do with Late stage Lyme from Diseasein 1998.Sometimes I will be working and my right shoulder after picking up a chair will give me excruciating pain for about 5-10 minutes and then be dull for a couple days while I favor it. Thanks Again for your reading this and offering your advice.
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