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chronic pain but no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Beckyl1
  • November 15, 2013
  • 00:42 PM

i apologise for the ramble but i have no diagnosis...i had aches and pains since pregnancy with my daughter (now 9) but nothing i couldn't cope with. i was working as a fully trained private security Dog Handler when i began to get really bad lower back pain it got to the point where i couldn't even put a lead on the dogs, lie flat or get up from sitting, walking became so painful and slow i went to my GP and after a few months i went to physio but due to the level of pain i was told that until the pain became more managable there was little she could do but give me exercises to try and do and advised me to go back to my gp.
i was referred to a specialist who sent me for x-rays and a mri scan as she thought i had a slipped disk, it took 7 weeks for the appointment to come through, during this time i tried to exercise the best i could the x rays showed i had a twist in my lumber spine, and a right sided pelvic tilt, the mri scan however showed curvature of my cervical spine and degeneration of L3/4 5 but not to the extent of that would account for my pain (although there was a 'shift' in my back as i was manipulated into position on the scanner by the radiographer who apologised for as it made me scream in pain and cry which i don't do easily) been told that when i lose control of bowel/bladder then they would do another scan and surgery and was to a pain clinic/ nurse who told me that as i have a blood disorder that would interact with the injections all she could offer was a tens machine to try and help the sciatica pain and possibly take edge off the severe pain and swap one of my tablets at night to help me sleep (and recommended seeing a psychologist as i have suffered with depression on and off since i was 15 i went )i understand the the impact mental health can have on your attitude and wellbeing and physical health i attended another assessment and was given a new antidepressant and counselling sessions which i went to every week until discharged.
over 12m my balance became worse and and my r. hip started to 'pop' as i walked, the constant and sudden pains became worse, the spasms in my back got to the point where they knocked me off my feet altogether i had to start using crutches and after nearly the next two years of struggling, im in a wheelchair, with constant lumbar pain i cannot twist or lie completely flat every jolt hurts like **** and tingles in my foot which is generally quite cold and less feeling than the other one,
i have also noticed that now every so often i get a cramp like sensation in my little finger and the finger next to it which gets 'stuck' (i dont know how to describe it) the only professional with regards to pain i see regularly now is my OT and have phone consultations with my GP when needed but he is at a loss of what else to do.
i have no idea what is going on with me i have a deformed rib cage on one side (doesnt cause any problems or pain) that was noticed as a teenager when i was told i was asthmatic as i kept collapsing after long distance running (i grew out that thank goodness), and neck ache in the morning, i take medication for blood clots and iron tablets for anemia.
we looked into moving into a council house as i cannot get around my home, and my husband had to give up work to care for me but we were only allocated 2 bedrooms,in a ground floor flat which wouldn't be suitable for us due to my step kids (we have half custody) and the 2 dogs, so they talked to my OT and a a new physio assessment and after a long process was awarded a grant to have adaptations to our home luckily the landlord agreed and work is now in progress to put in a lift as i cannot transfer alone due to pain and legs going out from under me (& my husband is epileptic), a wet room so no more washes out of plastic bowels and using the commode :) but i do feel somewhat alone now as adjusting to life in a wheelchair in constant pain and tired all the time, from being independent hard working and very active mum. So SORRY for the rant (needed to get it off my chest so to speak) it is just nice to know im not the only one who has something wrong but no diagnosis i hate the uncertanty as to what the future holds.

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  • You mentioned that your test showed curvature of the spine. Did they say you had scoliosis or even a mild form of it? I have symptoms very similar to yours, but not to the extreme as you. Of course, doctors do as they do...dismiss any talk regarding pain.. When I was a child, I was in leg braces due to a hip deformity. After my last pregnancy, I began to have severe back pain & hip pain. My hips pop when I walk sometimes. My back hurts walking, standing, sitting for any length of time. Laying down flat on my back preferably hard wood floor with my feet & calves propped up on a coffee table will take the edge off when I get the spasm pains in my back. I also been walking & sitting hunched over. I have many other symptoms as well. I just did a MRI for back/neck pain. My entire back came back normal. However, the study did show mild scoliosis. I am curious on an update of your condition.
    WeimaranersRock 1 Replies
    • January 6, 2014
    • 03:22 AM
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  • Hi. I too have been living with pain in my back and hips since I was 14 & am now 38. My hips "lock-ed" up and I couldn't walk, sit or stand without pain, even missing 1/2 a year of school. I have been going for massages for all kinds of muscle problems within the last 12 years. Finally I found a massage therapist who is so on-top of everything she mentioned seeing a Chiropractor. I listened and for the first time in 24 years I was actually feeling almost pain free. So might be worth checking on
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • February 14, 2014
    • 07:52 PM
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