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Chest and back pain, recent tests appear normal

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 8, 2009
  • 04:14 AM

I apologize for the specificity of this post, but I figure the only way to get any idea of what I'm dealing with is to give all the info I can. Thanks!

I've just turned 20 (male) and I've been experiencing aches and pain, mainly in my chest (sternum area) and mid-back. Other notable places include occasional twinges of pain in abdomen, arms and upper thighs, and under the arch of my feet. There is a soft bump on the junction between my sternum and ribcage that's generally only visible if I flex my chest (the area where the pain is located). The doctor I visited said the soft bump might be a fatty lipoma. Recently a daily headache has developed. I had a head MRI done in September 2007, which was clear.

I have had (within the last month) blood tests, a chest x-ray, an EKG and an abdominal/groin ultrasound. All of which show things as normal. The place I went to didn't scan my prostate with the ultrasound. I've just started a prescription for 800mg Ibuprofin for my chest and back (she considers costochondritis).

I believe a contributing factor might be that I have a mild case of tremors, which usually only affects my fingers, toes, perineum/PC muscle, and something in my inguinal area, but I've recently felt 'twitching' in the arch of my foot, nose (weird sensation, haha) and chest. I would hesitate to say the pain is a result of any tremor, but there're people out there who would know better than me.

I'm sitting about 80% of the day, and I'll admit my posture might not be the best.

I have anxiety related to health, so I'm prone to stress over this stuff.

I'm just looking for any other opinions or suggestions. Thanks a bunch.

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  • Your poor posture, sedentary lifestyle and anxiety can produce all of your symptoms. Go see a therapeutically trained massage therapist. It may sound odd, but they really can help. This isn't an 'alternative' therapy--I work with many doctors in my area; it's not unusual for my clients to come in with prescriptions for what I do. Check their credentials, make sure they are licensed and have special training in postural analysis and treatment. You can get better right away. Half my clients (I'm a LMT) come in presenting like you do. One 75 minute session, they are on the road to recovery (I do CORE work). Please don't discount the help a MT can provide. We are experts at postural issues and anxiety. We really can help--give it a chance. But be sure you go to a qualified MT, unfortunately there are many 'fluff and buff' MT's out there that will not know how to treat you properly. There is a place for that style of relaxation-only massage, but it is not what you need. Most people don't realize that many of us are trained for other issues and specialize. Check them out before you get on the table.And get up, out and moving!! Your body was designed to move, use it! :D
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  • I myself get fibomyaligia and reading what you've said i personally dont think you have this.. (of cause getting the FM trigger points tested to see if you have this could be a good idea.. but from what you said it to me dont sound like FM). Im saying this due to your own symptom picture. Tremors are not a symptom of FM. You also dont mention other common symptoms that many with FM have eg sleeping issues and "fibrofog".. concentration and memory issues. Thou these are not part of the FM diagnostic criteria (which is tested on having so many FM trigger points)... it is normal for ones with FM to have those issues too. (often along with things like irritable bowel syndrome). For all these reasons it dont really sound like FM to me, you dont it he normal common FM picture. Lastly, your pain points... they arent the classical FM ones. You dont really have issues with FM trigger points (there are 18 FM trigger points and your pain doesnt seem to be based or coming from those areas). FM can give all over pain.. but one would then expect to be getting a lot of pain from FM trigger points too, the worst the FM causing all body pain.. the worst those FM trigger points will be flaring up too. (well this is how it is for me based on my own experience of FM .. also Ive heard many others with FM speak of getting the same as i). http://www.prohealth.com/fibromyalgia/basics.cfm check out the trigger points on that and you can see your pain dont seem to be in those areas. keep looking for a diagnoses and only allow an FM expert to diagnose you or a doctor who will assess whether you have FM by the trigger points as due to your pain being so widespread.. i think many doctors who arent completely familiar with FM could use it for you as like a wastebasket diagnoses (cause of not knowing what you do have). The chest pain.. i too thought that sounded like costochondritis.
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  • Thank you both. After another visit with my physician, I'm scheduled for some massage therapy and a trial of periodic anti-stress medication. I'll return in a bit and let you know how this all works out.
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