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Burning Pain in Calf Muscle

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  • Posted By: graham30
  • October 28, 2006
  • 01:03 PM

I have not yet been to a doctor about this as I'm hoping it may go away on it's own. I'm not sure what kind of doctor I should go to. For the past 3 weeks when my leg is in different positions, mainly when I'm putting lotion on, I have a severe burning sensation when I rub the left side of my left calf. It feels like kind of like a rug burn only under the skin. When I stiffen the muscle and rub the burning goes away. I don't recall doing anything prior to the onset of this burning so I can't imagine what is causing it. :confused:

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  • Hello,I too have something similar, it's a burning sensation (depending on which way I move) on the outer left side of the calf on my left leg - just below the knee. It's been there for several weeks and doesn't seem to be going away. It doesn't really bother me day to day unless I move a certain way. Never had anything like this before, it's almost like severe shin splints, but it's very peculiar. Did you ever find out what the cause of this was for you?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 11, 2006
    • 07:26 PM
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  • I have this, too. I am in the end stages of RSD and so the burning pain comes and goes. It could be RSD, nerve damage, shingles or other types of illnesses that are hard to diagnose. Go to a pain managment doctor and they can help. Good luck!
    colkel 2 Replies
    • December 20, 2006
    • 02:03 PM
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  • I have the same thing. It happens in both of my legs. It feels like a rubber band is being snapped on the outside of my muscle and then it starts burning, so bad sometimes that it makes me stumble. It seemed to have started after I did sprints at basketball practice 5 years ago. I'm young so I don't really know what it could be. I've asked my regular doctor about it and they didn't seem too worry about it, but when it happens, the pain can last anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes, then it goes away. It can happen at anytime. When I'm walking, standing, running/jogging, or driving. I talked to a friend about it and she said that she had something similar to it before and she had to get accupuncture therapy for it. Does that sound right? Do you guys have the same symptoms I do or is this something different? Do you think accupuncture would work/help? I would like to somehow get rid of this condition, but it seems like I might be stuck with it for the rest of my life.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 16, 2009
    • 02:29 AM
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