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Burning and what feels like bruising beneath skin

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 5, 2006
  • 04:03 PM

I am 38 yr. old, moderately active, female. I'm generally healthy and have never had any real health issues, except for the occasional problems with Pap Smears, but nothing major. My family history includes breast cancer on fathers side and Parkinson's.
Now my issue...About 2 years ago I started experiencing an ache/sore pain in my hips and down through my legs. No tingling or numbness, just an aching pain. The pain has gradually gotten worse and for the past 1 1/2 yrs. I've had weakness in my arms and a strange burning sensation through my arms. Both arms are the same degree of pain. Both legs experience the same degree of pain as well. No sharp pain in legs or burning, just chronic aching. From hips, inside and outside of hips and into both outer sides of buttocks to ankles--Pain in hips is worse when I cross my legs. Both arms and legs feel to the touch as if there is bruising beneath the skin. All 4 extremities are very tender to the touch. Arm pain runs the length of the arm from shoulder to wrist. One dr. did tell my I had tennis elbow, but this I have a problem with too, as BOTH arms are equally effected. I have seen 4 different doctors, had MRI's, bloodwork and X-rays of my lower back and hips and everything has been fine. I have seen a orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, chiropractor and 2 general physicians. None of which can explain the causes of these issues. Then about 2 months ago, I woke up to a paralyzing pain in my right shoulder area. I was forced to go to the emergency room after seeing my family doctor. The pain was so intense that I had to be dressed and could not do anything that caused any of my head weight to shift. I could no even chew. I was told that I had an "acute muscle spasm". I was given valium and perkiset (however, that is spelled) and by the next day, I was close to normal. I do still experience pain in that same area regularly. Not sure if its related, but thought I would throw it in there.
After all the test, the only term used is Fibromyalgia...I don't buy it. I am not chronically fatigued and the diagnoses just doesn't add up. If anyone has any ideas or has experienced the same issues, I would appreciate any feedback.


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  • I, too, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Which I believe is a "another female who thinks she's in pain" diagnosis, by a neurologist who is late for a golf game.I have found that most doctors think all women are just f*^%&ed up in the head. This makes it impossible to get any relief. I just found out from a fantastic endocronologist that I have PCOS policystic ovarian syndrome (look it up) and it has to do with insulin resistance, ovarian cysts and prediabetes. Get one of those glucose monitors (from any drug store) Eckards (the brand) has a cheap one for $20 with 10 test strips. (the strips are the expensive parts, but eckards brand are the cheapest. 50 strips for $30)Check your blood several times a day (the booklet shows when) then document and you should be around 100. If these tests show your sugar elevated, go to an endocronologist and explain all symptoms and show him/her your test booklet. As far as bloodwork goes, they will do a whole battery of tests that deal with hormones, which my doc says can cause alot of problems. What other symptoms are you experiencing, things you may not think have any connection?Hope this helps some.Teri
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    • October 19, 2006
    • 04:34 PM
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