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Bad Knees and I'm only 17

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 13, 2007
  • 10:56 PM

First off, I'm very happy I found this forum. It seems you guys are pretty ***n helpful.

Onto my problem. I'm (just gone lately) 17 years old, pretty fit and always playing basketball. In the school holidays I would play on outdoor courts for about 8 hours a day, everyday. I wanted to increase my jumping ability, so I did a thing caled Air Alert, its basically a exercise progran where you do these different leg exercises and jumps that make your legs more explosive. I had to pull out in week 8 becaue my shins started hurting very badly. I still played on my sore shins and they started to get quite bad. I took a 3 week rest and then started playing light ball again, and the shin pain wasn't too bad. Then I did Air Alert again, and pulled out at week 5 with not just shin pain, but a very painful tenderness in my left knee.

After about 5 weeks of light ball, I tried again, only to pull out in week 2 because of the knee pain. I continued to play basketball off an on for about 4 months and the knee gradually got worse, I lost all my jumping ability (my left knee = jumping leg) and my explosiveness, plus I couldn't play defence because it was very uncomfortable putting weight on my knee went it was bent. I decided a couple weeks later to go to a doctor and get it checked out, and he sent me in for X Rays, which showed nothing.

I played basketball off and on, stopping each time my knee started throbbing again for months. Now I am at the point where I have been off basketball for about a week, but the last 3 months have been ***l. I can't bend over to pick stuff up without pretty bad pain. Walking down/up stairs hurts like ***l. I can't run for more than 3-4 minutes without my knee aching. Then comes school, which for PE we have to do a running program that requires us to train for a half marathon. We have to run anywhere from 25-50kms a week. During our first few classes we went on 5km runs to guage where we were at, and I ran fine. I put all the weight on my right leg and kept my left knee almost straight the whole time and had no problems. I continued like that for a few weeks. Now my right knee has developed the same problem as my left, only worse. I don't know exactly what it is, and because I am sorta a "quiet complainer" my Mum doesn't think I am in that much pain - but I am.

I used to be so active and now I can't do anything, and I will fail PE this year because of this injury. I have read about knee injuries and Patellar Tendonitis seems to be the closest thing, but I am yet to be officially diagnosed. As I said, Mum doesn't think much of it so she never gets round to setting an appointment. I want scan that can show more than just bone and a physio, but my doctor is a bit of a ****er when it comes to going further than saying "sore knee".

Sorry for the extremely long post but I really want to know if you guys think it is patellar tendonitis? (my symptoms: throbbing/tenderness right under knee and sometimes around knee, weakness in knee, pain when bending w/ weight , throbbing when involved in jumping activities ie. basketball)

And if anyone else here has ever had it, how long did it take to recover and after recovery was the knee 100% or is it a lingering pain?

Thanks :)

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  • I cannot diagnose your problem, but I do recommend seeing an orthopedic specialist and get some tests - you must tell your mom and do this sooner than later to prevent serious chronic injury to your knees. With that said, I highly recommend getting acupuncture treatments - this works brilliantly for athletic injuries and pain of all kinds. The largest study of acupuncture recently done by the NIH was concerning acupuncture and knee pain. It works! Visit www.acufinder.com to find a qualified practitioner near you. Best wishesDOM
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  • Sorry I can't help with your actual knee problem, although I've had similar problems with my shoulder that stopped me from swimming for 6 months...the key with that injury was that it wouldn't get better as long as I tried to swim through the pain.I have a couple of suggestions...try to find a sports medicine clinic in your area, they at least will be able to empathize with your injury and will probably have seen it many times already. Also, realize that you can't be a "quiet complainer" when you go see a doctor. It is a very good trait for a human being to have, but not when you're trying to fix the problem. I speak from experience, many years with a chronic illness and difficulty convincing doctors because I've learned to handle it so well that I tend to downplay it. Take this message you wrote with you to the doctor, discuss it or show it to him...go down the list of everything you can't do now that you used to do well. If you're failing PE be sure to use that to make your point. And don't let a doctor blow you off, you have the right to get *****d at him if you have a legitimate problem.Good luck,jc
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  • I've had sore tendons on and off and the things that got rid of it were REST and TIME!How long? As long as it takes!I never had sore tendons as a young person, but I never tired to go 8 hours a day every day at a demanding sport like basketball, especially on outdoor (hard) courts.Lots of volleyball, surfing and skiiing, but no problems...Sore tendons take a long time to heal, but it depends on the person, the age, how the tendon became sore in the first place and if you started resting it immediatley or further aggravated it.If the injury is a sudden thing and you baby it until it heals (doesn't hurt anymore), it might take at your age, a month or three.If the injury has a longer onset and you don't baby it and try to play through it, then even at your age, it could take a year of babying it!I had carpenter's elbow in both elbows and had to keep working and it didn't start to go away until I stopped and changed jobs. From then on, it took over 3 years to finally go away. That is with swimming and rest. Tendons can take a long, long time to heal.I has frozen shoulder and it took 4 years.So, all I can say is start swimming and stop jumping and you will someday heal up.It's a drag to hurt when you are young, but try to continue to be patient.
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