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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 19, 2007
  • 02:06 AM

Can any one help me on this? Starting one year ago, my upper arms became very easy to fatigue, with some pain on shoulders and forearms, but tolerable pain. What's untolerable is my upper arms are so easy to fatigue that I cannot even drive for a long distance, because raising my arms is a big deal. If I want I can still lift heavy stuff. I also have pain sometimes on upper back and neck. Now I don't use my arms very much, but regardless of how long I rest them--hours, days, a month--they just feel as fatigued as before. I use computer on a daily basis, but not intensively. Although I use right hand/arm more often than left, recently my left upper arm is more fatigued than right.

There are many illnesses that involve muscle/tendon pain, but I seldom hear any illness that can explain my mysterious fatigure on upper arms.

I went thru dozens of physical therapy treatments. For a few months I kept strengthening my muscles by using dumb bells. I self-massaged my muscles every day. I visited chirapractors 20 times, took X-ray of my neck, had my spine adjusted. I did electro-therapy, heat therapy, cold therapy, acupucture 10 times, took anti-inflamatory drugs, herbs. Nothing worked AT ALL. The symptoms are the same as before, if not worse.

I had been diagnosed as having tendinitis, cervical subluxation, or repetitive use injury. But no one seems to be right.

Before doing any further treatment, I am desperate to know the correct diagnosis of my problem. I have no idea what it is. Can somebody help me or refer me to an expert? Thanks!

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  • I have fibromyalgia and I have terrible muscle fatigue when raising my arms. I get pain and burning in the shoulder/arm region. I can certainly understand the fatigue because things like curling my hair or stocking a shelf...even folding laundry feels annoying. Do you have pain in any other region of your body? Best way to check is neck....base of scull...lower back...dimples of venus in the buttock region...ribs....sternum...hips.Do you suffer from headaches? Have U seen a Rheumatoligist? I dont know if any of this is any help.Keep us posted As EvErCat
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  • Hi Kitcat48,Thanks for sharing your thoughts.My pain is strictly restricted to arms, elbows, shoulders and neck, with mysterious arm fatigue. The pain is tolerable, more like soreness than burning. I occassionally feel headache, but not severe. Other parts of my body are perfectly healthy. The symptoms appeared all of a sudden last summer, and never improved no matter what I did.Regards,
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  • I recently experienced what I believe to be similar symptoms. I initially had tenderness in my left bicep one morning, and chalked it up to a pull, or overuse (I have a 30lb 2 year old that I sometimes carry in 1 arm). It felt exactly like the pain one would have after a workout. The only problem is, I hadn't worked out, or done anything out of the ordinary.This sensation intensified and spread. Eventually it was in both biceps, triceps, and especially in both forearms. A day later, I also had the sensation in my groin area as well as my thighs. Now it has started in my lower back and neck areas. The 'pain' doesn't really prevent me from living a normal life, but it certainly makes it uncomfortable. The forearm pain does make it difficult for me to do routine tasks requiring any 'pinching' motion with the fingers (opening a package, holding a plate, writing with a pen...). I am wondering if this is similar to what you felt, and if you have received a valid reason for the weakness you are feeling.
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    • August 27, 2007
    • 05:46 PM
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  • I have something similar as well. My symptoms are always the same in each arm, no matter if I have used one more than the other or not. They always both hurt. My pain begins AFTER I have not used my hands/arms for a few hours. During the night I can wake up and be in pain. My pain started from my wrists up to my elbow and it feels like rubber bands being stretched. I had this for a few years and then it went away when I quit cleaning houses for a living (at the suggestion of my dr.). Now, it has returned plus I have pain in my hands as well. It feels like my knuckles are broke. I can do any function but I know when I wake up throught the night and in the morning, that the pain will be there. It seems like the more I do during the day, the pain will be worse that night. Anyone only have night pain???I am trying to register but I can not get the link to work.
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    • September 29, 2007
    • 05:51 AM
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