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Any Advice?

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  • Posted By: Vionavara
  • March 27, 2008
  • 08:41 AM

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could suggest anything on my problem.....any insight would be great.

I just turned 20, female, healthy, active, athletic build.

I have been having knee and leg problems for pretty much all my life. It started when i was really young with pains in my legs, like shin splint but much worse. Doctors said it was just growning pains, so we left it at that.

Through grades 6 to 11 i started having really bad problems with my knees. The pain was so intense it would criple me for days. I was always into sports and did have a few injuries.....broken and fractured ribs, broke my wrist, dislocated both of my shoulers, broke and factured several knucles..........I also went for 3 years with fainting 3 times each year...all at different times, and for no apparent reason.

But with my knees expecially through grades 6 to 9 my kness we "loose" they would always pop out, and i would have to pop them back in. i could just be walking and they would pop out, i didnt have to do anything extensive to knock them out.

About 3 years ago it hit me hard, i woke up one morning and noticed i had 4 huge black...and i mean black.....bruises on my legs, one on each outer thigh and one each on my outer calf, same size same position on each leg and everything. I had gym that week but we were in class doing health.....and i have been kicked by horses and all that and i have never had a bruise that has ever gone darker than a light brown colour....so i went to the doctor and he said that i must have been hit by something......i think i would remember being hit that hard, but there was nothing.....so of to test and that i went, and nothing showed up.

2 weeks later i was in school having a normal day, and my knees buckled on me, and i couldnt get up and i couldnt feel anything in my legs. I was pretty much paralyized for 2 weeks. i couldnt move, or feel anything from the waste down, and when someone tried to move my legs the pain was so sever it was unbareable.....off to the doctors again.....went for every test imaginable.....MRI, ECGs, CAT scans even had blood work done....nothing.....they figured it might have something to do with my siatic nerve, but nothing showed in any of the test

after 2 weeks it just went away, i could walk again, i had feeling back in my legs....it was as if nothing had ever happened.......weird i know.....

Since than my knees have been getting worse....i have attacks so bad i cant get out of bed, or im stuck on the couch....i would take broken ribs all over again, over this pain.......

But in the last year it has progressed to my knees acting up and than when they do i get the shin splint like feeling again, and as well in both forearms........there is no swelling of any of my joints, and the pain feels like it in my bones....i dont know how to describe it. with my arms when they act up i cant even close my hand into a fist position, its like its also effecting my nerves

I have been through so many test, and seen all kinds of doctors and its always the same thing....i donno...or nothing showed up

through grades 6 to 9 the doctor had put me on Apo Neproxen and i was on that for a good 3 years, but it wasnt making a difference at all, so then they switched me to Celebrex, and Viox, but again nothing worked so i just stoped taking medication all together, and havent been on any for about 4 years now. The only thing that seems to dull the pain just a little bit is hot water bottles, and being wrapped up in blankets.

Sorry i know this is really long, i hope its detailed enough.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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