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Ankle pain in the area of the navicular bone / tibialis posterior

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  • Posted By: viksenpai
  • March 22, 2013
  • 00:20 PM

Hello good people of this forum. :)

I'll just give you a little intro to my problem and than continue with actually describing the problem.
All was well until about a year and a half ago, when I twisted my ankle (right). One doc said I had broken my navicular bone, another said that there was no fracture at all, but all agreed that the pain on the inside of my foot was because of the two bones (Navicular and Tibia) slamming together - the navicular bone was bruised in result. There were some tears on the outside of the ankle, but that's not really related. Time passed, but after as much as 6 months the pain in the area of the navicular bone (where tibialis posterior connects) didn't go away. A doctor gave me an injection or two, but the pain still persisted. I just got over the pain though and continued with my physical exercises (football, or soccer as many of you may call it, basketball, etc.). Sure, it hurt, but I was doing things that I like doing.
I probably would've lived with that, but 6 months ago I twisted my other ankle. Same thing - bruised navicular. The pain went away this time and I thought I was back to only 1 ankle hurting and I was happy - I could manage that much. Alas, 2 weeks ago the same pain as with the first ankle came up on the left one. ****. Same pain, same spot.

So, as you might've guessed part of my problem is the pain on the inside of my ankle. More specifically in the area of the inside of the navicular bone / lower part of the tibialis posterior. I tried playing soccer last week and I did manage to do so, but I couldn't feel the pedals on my car on the next day. That probably means that I over worked my legs, and especially the tibialis posterior (because it assists the plantar flexion of the foot - thing I had trouble with). I'll get to the point in a few sentences.
Second problem - I get mild shin splints very often. Very mild infact, they go away in half an hour or so, but appear very often. Huge nuisance.
A helpful indicator - my shoes wear down faster on the inside. That's a common trait of over pronating. However, I don't have any structural changes to the achilles tendon and seem to be neutral on the wet feet test.
Everything of the above got me thinking and reading... I'm thinking over pronation is either the cause of all of this or another product of a problem of which I'm unaware. I might have weak muscles or tendons somewhere on my foot / lower leg and over pronate as a result or I might over pronate and thus weaken my muscles or tendons. After some reading I learned that shin splints and tibialis posterior tendonitis are common results of over pronation. Weakness of the ankle might also be a result (but also a cause) and because of that - my frequent ankle injuries.
I'm lost however to the cause and effect of the problem.

So, my questions to you are:
1. Is the most probable cause for my pain to be tendonitis or what?
2. What's the causuality behind my problem..? Because sure, I can get an injection or two, ice, massages, etc., but it would be like treating a runny nose when someone's having the flu.
3. How do I fix everything and get to do the things I like doing again? :)

I'll be grateful for any insight, though. Thanks in advance and I hope you can help me get over this. :)

P.S. Yes, I'm going to visit the doc in a few weeks (because I want to visit a particular orthopedist), but for now I'd be satisfied with theorizing with you guys. :)

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