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Always in pain and getting worse please help.

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  • Posted By: nightsorchid
  • September 3, 2011
  • 06:08 PM

I already know I am a strange case with so many strange things going on with me. Anyway I have not been able to figure out what is causing me to have intense joint pains I have been tested for lupus, lyme, rhuemitoid arthritis and many other of the more common causes of similar pains.

I had a thread going a a couple years ago about stomach issues and this that I was having. The stomach issues have since been figured out do to an emergency  trip to the hospital. I have a malrotation of the intestines that they had to tack in proper place because my superior mesenteric artery and vein were wrapping around each other and closing off circulation witch in turn cause sever pai.

So now that the stomach pain is no longer a factor in the joint issuse I have I still am left wondering why do I hurt so much all the time.

When I was younger due to neck pain they did an x-ray on me and found that the curvature of my neck is actually the opposite of the way that it normally should be. They said that was probably caused by untreated whiplash that I had gotten when I was even younger and my muscles and everything had grown like that. After going to a chiropractor for over a year it wasn't getting any better and my parents could no longer afford to bring me there every week. My neck would feel better for a few hours after words and then go back to the same level of pain. I know that that is an issue bu I have noticed steadly I have been accruing more pain now not only my neck hurts my back is killing me. The pain is a different sort than it used to be. Its an intense burning ache that I cannot forget for one second. I now get have this burn in all of my joints down to my fingers and toes. I notice that when I get closer to my period it gets even worse and then when I am on my period I sometime have to stay in bed the whole time and can't keep my eyes from watering (I also have been diagnosed with PCOS and I am currently taking birth control as treatment). I take hot baths and use heating pads to try to calm it but more and more lately the things that used to work do not. Even worse is that when I was in the hospital for my malrotation we found that I am tolerant to a lot of pain meds like vicodin and morphine and have allergies to others. Delauded causes some intense psycological reactions. Within this last year a new and really disturbing symptom has started to occure and has started to occure more frequently, sometimes when I move my head I will get this intense buring sensation and a pulling with a cracking sensation happon that starts in my back behind my left shoulder and goes down my spine. Whenever I move I constantly crack and pop. I have noticed that I have a larger range of motion in my joints than most people I encounter. My right hip and shoulder occasionally pop out of socket but go back in on there own ( though a few times I have had to wear and arm brace for a few days for my shoulder)
Blood pannels have showed some strange resuls such as my iron counts have been off the charts and then other times they are way too low. Within the last 4 months my doctor has put me on Paxil due to depression and anxiety ( which again gets a lot worse near my periods) I noticed initially with Paxil that my joint pains lessoned but within a couple months it didn't seem to help anymore. There is also quite a history on my mother's side of the family with bi polar disorder. Along those same lines a lot of strange ailments seems to follow my mother's side of the family. My cousin was diagnosed with sarcuidosis and her sister keeps getting tested for lukemia and they can't figure out what is wrong with her. I am inclided to believe that it is bad genes but there has to be a reasonable idea of what I have and a way to treat it. I am 25 years old and I feel like I am 60. I am a caucasion female that weighs 160 and is 5'7".

I'm starting to feel defeated I feel this poorly now and I have felt some much worse with the years I am terrified how I am going to feel at 35. I am already swimming in medical bills that my insurance won't cover and am still left with no answers and very few options left to me. I know this isn't the best written description but I am writing at a moment when I just feel at a loss and probably rambled quite a bit. If you may have ideas or want any additional information from me just let me know. I know I may try some collages to see if they would like to help, I wouldn't mind being a study at this point. I know I didn't include all of my diagnosed health things but this would be so much longer if I did. With all my issues I wouldn't doubt that my parents concieved me atop a radioactive waste dump site.

Again any and all help is appreciated.

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