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All over muscle pain,frequent fall slowly progressing over past year and three months

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  • Posted By: itsaddictn1970
  • September 23, 2011
  • 01:18 AM

41 yr. old woman for the past yr I have had symptoms starting with some
falls and burning horrific pain in my R forearm, it let up(but was always
still there) for a few months only having back and scapula/shoulder pain
then the burning came back intensely to my R forearm and spread quickly to L
forearm then both biceps both triceps, both shoulders, both of the scapula,
all muscle in my back, my peck muscles and upper and lower abdominal
muscles(all of prior three makes it feel as though something heavy is on my
chest and I cant breathe properly) my thighs back and front and both calves,
intense burning pain I rank it up there with hard labor pains, maybe
worse...yes worse @ times, kind of pain almost makes u pass out and hope u
don't wake up or actually commit suicide. HORRIFIC pain. the only the
amount of falls has increase dramatically within past few months and now, I
get up take 2 or 3 steps and BAM all my weight crashes to the floor I land
on my knees most often, this has happened 4 times over past 6 1/2 weeks I
went to ER one of those times because I was bruised from head to toe from
falls and bumping into walls and furniture. They gave me a CT which showed
calcification of the basal ganglia cant remember interior L or R cant
remember ventricle. Anyway when I research it sounds like a lower motor
neuron disease because its affecting my limbs and breathing muscles. nothing
in my face or throat. I do have tics I guess where my arm leg or hand
muscles will move or jump involuntarily. I end up kicking furniture or
throwing something that is in my hand or other times while grasping objects
my hand just "lets go" of whatever I'm holding. I'm also plagued with nausea
constantly, at times vomiting. I am having trouble remembering things, at
times say things that don't make sense, even though I think first and what I
want to say doesn't come out something entirely different comes out. Also
last yr when it first began with my forearm I had a litany of blood tests
and my CK level I believe is supposed to b normal up to 79?? Anyway mine was
somewhere in the 300 range. I didn't know then what it means, but I think
know if I had it checked it would b just as if not higher due to the
multiple muscles now affected. My NEW dr refuses to give me a test to check
ck levels but did order RA ANA and all the other tests which I know I don't
have and all negative, he knows nothing about any of this as he told me when
I mentioned MD he said to me, that doesn't add up ur not a male and ur too
old????? I mean come on aren't 75% of MD types both men and women? He is one
who does not admit when he is wrong, and tells me maybe my vision and
falling is because I need glasses, go make an eye apt...OMG...doesn't all
this info add up to some sort of a neurological/muscular disease...he also
told me that everyone has calcification of the basal ganglia, and I sd yes
but r they also having all these symptoms of falling and muscle pain ect???
Also refused to refer me to a neurologist/and order the brain MRI ER dr.
told me to follow up with when I went to ER and ER Dr. sd to see nuero/and
have MRI because of the CT results and symptoms, my Dr. says he doesn't
trust any ER Dr. and if Einstein's brother told him to get me a MRI he
wouldn't do it, I then sd well if Einstein had a brother and he was a Dr. I
think I'd trust him obviously "smarts" run in the family........ OK so here
I am and am in great pain from typing this. I think I'm dying and NO ONE
WILL EVEN listen...please help anyone with any ideas. Besides gettn a new
Dr..I already know that. ...also weight loss,normally 140 5'7'' weighn in @
115 now I look very sick, Skelton like I also weight loss, normally 140 5'7''
weighn in @ 115. Also no L knee or R elbow reflexes, and hyperflexia in L elbow and R knee reflexes.

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