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3yr 0ld Epilepsy, muscle weakness, pain, swelling,

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  • Posted By: laughlove3
  • April 25, 2008
  • 01:38 PM

I am a mother of a 3 yr old he has has some problems and I was wondering if anyone out there has had to deal with this. His story.....When he was 1 1/2 he was bitten by a pit bull dog. The dog had no shots etc. Following the bite he started having fevers. Swelling around the bite and up his arm. Following the fevers started vomiting, Following the vomiting he started having seizures. Now even higher fevers around 107 to 108, seizures getting worse by this point. He was admitted and has several tests done. Mri's spinal fluid testing, blood work. All testing came back normal but one... EEG! Was by this time on seizure med to stop them. On IV fluids cause he stopped eating. The dog was in holding but never put to sleep. Doc's and Us as parents didnt know what to think. By law we could not have the dog put to sleep cause here it has to bite 3 times before known as mean. So they was no testing we could do to see if the dog had anything they he could have gave to my son threw the bite. Finally we are sent home. with one only one answer or he had many abnormal eeg's . Seizures under control, still having unknown fevers, starts to limp before we even leave the hospital, instructed to have his eyesight, hearing, and pt eval done. eyesight came back okay. hearing he is have trouble. PT eval says he got overpronation of the feet. Fevers start to subside. Seizures do too. But we are left to find he is limping on both legs worse on the right one. He cant not longer say words, so we got him a speech therapist. He lost alot of his coordination. (He cant ride his bike) Starts falling alot. So we stay in PT for a year with speech and Physical therpy and All seemed to be getting better. Then we take a family outing and came home he has a partial seizure. Then we notice that he not understanding what we are saying all the time, We thought it was because of his hearing. Nope, he was having absence seizures. So he is put on AED meds. DX with EPilepsy.This helps with his concentraiting and we can see a difference. While that was going on he also starts to have trouble breathing at night at first then during the day any time he goes to try and sleep. He was dx with obstructive sleep apnea and needs adenoids and tonsils out and for hearing they put tubes in. He is now healed from that surgery. Tubes helped he passed his hearing test:))) sleep apnea still working on along with the alleriges and asthma he got also. He is on meds for those as well. Also is put on acid meds to see if it helps improve choking food and acid at night. Now back to the the feet,legs. upon going to pt for year. He is reevaluted and orthopedic surgeon wants him back in pt, we agree. His legs and feet have gotten worse. He wakes up and cant walk!!! It takes awhile so he can use his muscles. Otherwise he will scream in pain. He still limps.
He does wear smo braces on both feet. helped for a while but now he is in limping more again , has very low endurance. He gets tired very quickly when trying to play. He will just sit down wherver he is at and say cant go no more. Or I'm tired! I have many of times have had to carry him cause he just cant walk or it just plain hurts to walk. We start noticing swelling around both feet and at times knees or it can be just on leg. Pt says this cant just be from overpronation of the feet. Waking up and not walking is not a s/s of OPF so we tell the doc's and they said well he prob just streching to many muscles and so by mourning he is in pain. So we have the dx's Epilepsy, OSA,OPF, Asthma,Allergies , Hearing loss in left ear tubes seem to be helping, Speech/Language delay,He is my ?"s to whoever can help............
1. Has anyone out there had overpronation of the feet and cant walk the next day and have swelling and then it disapperes within mins to and hr upon waking?
2. He complains of tingles and pain anytime he sits on them, could this be circultory?
3. Does this have anything to do with the Epilepsy?
4. He can run and play one minute the next he is so tired and doesnt want to move, why?
5. Could his breathing issue be tied in with this anywhere?
6. He still not gain back all of his coordnation what stopping that?
7. He speech and lan is getting alot better since he is on the aed meds why isnt the cordnation?
8. He continues to twich in his sleep, better though sicne on aed meds , Is this twitching somthing to due with the epilepsy?
9 what is a good test to do so we can figure out what is wrong with his leg muscles????
10. He legs turn red at times too what is that?
11. His hands get stiff now too somtimes what that?
I thank all who will respond:)

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  • I'm so sorry your son is going through so much. I don't have any answers for you other than to not give up. Change doctors as many times as you need to in the hopes that you will get the answers that you need and your son needs. My son is 21 months old and since he was 5 months old has been having seizures. First we were diagnosed with Infantile Spasms then Epilepsy, now maybe Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. No-one really knows, so as poor as we are we keep looking, we have already changed doctors 3 times.God Bless you and your family,Tia Colvin
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    • October 12, 2008
    • 02:52 PM
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