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37 and feeling as I am 97!

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  • October 27, 2009
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I will make this as short because it's an everyday battle for me and my family. I have always been a very active healthy young man until 3/18/2004. I was involved in a very bad auto accident were I was sitting in the passengers seat of a rear-ended collision. I was in the car that was sitting at a stop light when another vehicle struck us at a speed of 60-mph. That being told is how my life took a terrible change. I didn't have any broken bones, just severe bruising and soft tissue damage they said. I was released with directions to immediately follow up w/my doctor. The next day I couldn't move! My family physician sent me for my 1st of many MRI's. They found a central radial tear and annular bulge with central stenosis,foraminal stenosis and nerve root damage. My doctor prescribed pain meds and told me that I we would keep a close watch on any other symptoms. I was still in chronic pain a year later, so the next MRI showed much more damage to all my lower lumbar w/fractures,nerve root damage,herniated discs,foraminal stenosis,foraminal narrowing,disc detereation. I just wanted to give you an idea of what has been going on year after year and 10 different doctors,specialists,physical therapy,chriropactor,medical hypnosis,and now as I try to get through this my conditions are as follows; 1.) Mid to lower severe back pain radiating to my buttocks. 2.) Numbness in buttocks and tingling down right leg with pain under my knee leading to my right foot that will go completely numb 3.) Having pain to were I cant stand while I urinate 4.) Major depression has taken over my life to were I feel hopeless & I try to make myself get out and see my family that all my life Ive never been without seeing them and spending time and holidays,,now i just cant make myself 5.) They recently just done complete blood labs on me and I'm a 37 year old male and my Testosterone level was 30' thats right 30! I was told there was some females with higher testosterone levels,so im getting injections to get it up in the upper 600's! 6.) My anxiety levels are sky high along with my pain so I take xanax to sleep but I never can sleep more than a few hours because I get woke up with chronic pain in my middle of my back to my lower back to my butt and then leg! Im Freaking out, as I am still in my 30's and feel as im 90! It has gotten so bad year after year to were I am not able to work anymore at all! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME! I HAVE A FAMILY & MY DAUGHTER IS STILL YOUNG ENOUGH TO WERE I MIGHT BE ABLE TO ENJOY SOME OF HER LIFE WITH HER! IM STILL WAITING ON THE DISABILITY BOARD TO APPROVE ME AS MY LAWYER TELLS ME THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT? THATS WEIRD, I LOST A 45k year job & my mortgage people are on their last breath with my family! IF anyone has any suggestions to what kind of disease I may have I PLEAD WITH YOU TO LET ME KNOW! I LIVE IN INDIANA AND THEY ARE CLUELESS IN THIS TOWN!THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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  • A few important questions, and their answers are very relevant. 1) Do you have trouble achieving erection? 2) When peeing, or passing stool, is it quite difficult (ie, does everytime feel like you have to force it?)3) how hard is it to digest a meal, from time of eating to time of passing stool, does it seem like way to long? (ie, seems like dinner took more than 12 hours to digest and pass as stool)Embarrassing questions, but they will provide problem solving info.
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    • October 28, 2009
    • 03:24 PM
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  • A few important questions, and their answers are very relevant. 1) Do you have trouble achieving erection? 2) When peeing, or passing stool, is it quite difficult (ie, does everytime feel like you have to force it?)3) how hard is it to digest a meal, from time of eating to time of passing stool, does it seem like way to long? (ie, seems like dinner took more than 12 hours to digest and pass as stool)Embarrassing questions, but they will provide problem solving info.Thank you so much for the reply! I am also terribly sorry for the delayed answers to the questions you asked to help identify my disorder. I have just read my list of issue's again and i also forgot to mention that i have just went through my pass 5 MRI's and there is severe spinal spondylolytic spondylolisthesis. Moderately severe to severe left up-down neural foraminal stenosis is resulting in left L5 nerve root compression. Moderately severe/severe foraminal stenosis on the right.2.) Interval enlargement of a broad-based central disc herniation with left lateral disc extrusion on the left, with L5 neural impingement. 3.) Progressive disc degeneration associated with lumbar disc herniations @L4,L5 and L5-S14.) Facet osteoarthropathy is present bilaterally, left being greater than the right. I really have no idea what all this means, but this was just added to my list by MRI of course. I hope this helps you maybe understand a lil more than do? The questions that you asked me are as follows, 1.) I dont seem to have a problem achieving the erection, but of course theres times that I am not thinking about it as much as I use to, still having erections. 2.) When peeing i haft to sit especially in the mornings because my pain in the middle and lower back is so intense that i cant stand straight up, and when i did stand the pain would strike and i would haft to move, i couldn't stand the pain and then i would end up peeing on the toilet,,just couldn't stop in peeing once i was going every 2-3 seconds to move do to the pain i haft to move especially when im trying to stand straight for any length of time. I haft to take my pain meds as soon as i awake because my middle to lower lumbar is throbbing so bad that it hits my but then to my legs it goes. After i get up and the pain meds take effect the pain level seems to get lower and as the day goes im not as in such agony as i am when i try to sleep more than 3 to 4 hours! Thats all i get period!!! EVERYDAY! I haven't had a day like i use to before the accident were i could sleep for 8-10 hrs in at-least 2 years now! EVEN WITH MEDS! 3.) I dont know if this helps you but i have changed my diet completely to a high fiber diet due to the pain meds and the constipation that I use to get all the time. I still have my problems dont get me wrong but not as bad as before I didn't take ducolase & changed diet. So, I really think that sometimes im normal and then theres the times were its a hard stool. I seem to digest my food ok, I think anyway? Theres times where my fiance' tells me I never eat, or I eat to little, or why do you starve yourself? I have packed on more weight than I ever have in my life thats why! I was literally up to 270 pounds! I mean my god,,thats way outta context for me! Ive NEVER been over 175-185 in my adult life since high school I weighed about 160-165. Then I couldn't deal with it and my doctor done blood tests and told me I had inflammation and my testosterone was the only thing she was worried about besides my weight. Her answer to that was shots of testosterone cypionate every 2-weeks & for me to move and get more motivated and that my weight would shed off! When I told her what I ate everyday & when I told her I never ate fast food or potato chips or big macs, I told my fiance' & mother she didn't believe what I really ate! I haven't ate enough food to put that much weight on me! Then she says that the pain is killing my testosterone levels which makes me wanna be motivated and to have sex and burn my fuel in metabolism! I told her how do you just make yourself when ur in so much pain and if my testosterone levels are that low how can I make myself? I mean,,I live in Indian,,it's not the greatest weather,there isn't a beach, theres nothing to be excited about anymore, I cant work anymore and that was my life as well as my family, taking care of them and providing for my little girl and fiance' and my mortgage that is about to get foreclosed on,,along with everything else around me! Man it sucks! Then she has enough nerve to look 2 me and tell me(she being my doctor)that I need to just diet and ill be ok?,as she's sitting there weighing over 350 or more I swear! Then she tells me there is some diet pills out their but she wasn't even going to prescribed me anything that might help me get motivated and help me burn my metabolism since I dont have the motivation pouring outta me. Her reason is because 10 years ago she tried fen-fen & now has something called chronical lung?? Something,,,,but thats her reason! I dont know but my mother got very angry with her and called her about it & told her what I eat and that I dont lie about my health or anything for that matter and she should believe everything I tell her, and she told my mother that she wants whats best for me and wants to try medical hypnosis's. I haven't gotta clue really of what or why this doctor wouldn't try this so called helpful medicine to help get my motor running even with the pain level she says it would help me,,but wants to hypnosis me first? I dont know about hyonosesis but I guess I will try it? Theyve done everything else,,Epidurals,Pain patch's,Cortisone shots,Shots up and down my spine on each side about 20 times Anestisic shots, and I forgot to mention about every different type of pain med and break-through meds known to man I feel like! I NEVER had to take a PILL EVERYDAY EVER IN MY LIFE, UNTIL THIS ACCIDENT! Man,,its awful,,i feel like im 90 years old! I still have buddys that wanna watch the COLTS play and drink some beers,,and I use to be a DIE HARD ATHLETE & COLTS FAN! Now its on dvr and I sometimes watch the game,,but no beer, and no buddies anymore! Im so sorry im rabilling,,i have a BORING LIFE & ITS KILLING ME LITERALLY ALONG WITH THIS WHAT EVER IT IS I HAVE AS A CONDITION THAT NOBODY KNOWS! Im seriously sorry for going on,,Thank you so much,,Sincerely,Dale
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    • November 6, 2009
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  • Hearing your scan results, all I can say is wow, that's a lot of damage. It can pretty well all be considered a result of the accident. That much lower lumbar damage is the cause of your problems as you well know and are frustrated with. The parasympathetic nerve damage, is what is likely responsible for your adrenal and testosterone issues (they innervate the adrenals and genitals). Digestive issues would be from this damage also. From the scan results and your telling of the lumbar damage, your account of the pain is probably an understatement. I hate to just give it to you straight and ugly, but you are pretty much stuck with it. The strategy now is management and to make it as minimal as possible and aim for improving quality of life. Strategies:Massage therapy will rid you of muscle tensions, and importantly prevent any intramuscular ossification (muscle turning to bone).Chiropractic care: If you're a skeptic now it the time to eat your pride. the disc compressions can be managed this way, as well as help preventing further damage from misalignment compressions.Surgery: If it's affordable you will want to look into this. The deteriorated discs and stenosis (basically blockages where the nerves exit the spinal chord) can be improved with surgery. Even a consult would be worth it, to see how much damage can be removed.I'm sort of shocked at your doctor's response. For her to see the results of your scans and then say "have a testosterone boost then go exercise", is very naive. I myself would get another doctor. On the exercise topic though, if you have access to a pool use it. Just a 15min float around the pool means 15min of no weight on your spine. Even if all you get is a little stress releif, it's probably worth it.So all in all, consider the massage/chiro and definitely the surgery if it is a realistic option for you. The greatest advice I can give you is to approach it all with a level head. Whatever results you get from any of the treatments, be grateful. Don't expect the miracle cure, as you'll likely always have problems from this accident. Concentrate on improving your quality of life. I've seen accident victims that become overwhelmed with finding "the miracle cure" and completely disregarding even significant results from surgery's and treatments. The result is they keep getting worse. Good luck.
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    • November 7, 2009
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