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25 Female Unusual Labs/Inflammation

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  • Posted By: hmspepper
  • March 12, 2010
  • 06:08 PM

This is my first time seeking any advice outside of the local area. I am working with my doctor to try to treat.. whatever this is. I will do my best to give a little history and the symptoms and what we have definitely found. I also know that all or none of this may have anything to do with the problem right now.

-Caucasian Female age 25
-C-section birth, cord wrapped around neck
-Rheumatic Fever at age 3, required removal of nodule that made my left thumb unusable; had a coronary workup to check extreme fatigue/weakness during PE in highschool, poor results from stress test (oxygen in blood low); video of heart showed no obvious issues with valves
-Ganglion on right wrist underside, base of thumb that was operated on above; no pain, disappeared by age 10
-Chicken Pox age 5
-Asthma/Bronchitis combined age 8 to present; no hosptilization, usage of inhalers.
-3 years ago, illness of unknown origin, extreme vomiting/nausea, uncontrollable diarrhea consisting of black water, unable to drink or eat; mother contracted illness as well with same symptoms, was sent to hospital for severe dehydration affecting heart rate and blood pressure. Symptoms improved in one week.
-Striae and spider veins, centripedal obesity, reactive hypertension (stressful situation)
-Depression (treated) from childhood issues related to abuse, witnessing violence, and molestation.
-Tested for hypothyroidism more than 5 years ago.
-Tested for low iron in blood recently, no problems.
-Tested for rheumatoid factor recently, no problems.
-Tested for Lupus E. more than 5 years ago (as per mother who has the disorder), no factor
-Tested for CRP and ESR; both elevated well above normal levels
-Normal X-ray of lower-back/tail-bone region where the pain is; nothing indicated on the film, no fracture.

I do not have insurance. The pain began approximately 1.5 years ago. I have worked with the clinic to have my fees lowered so I could get the tests they have available. I am not able to get an MRI without paying the full price, but I will try to if it is suggested. The pain feels like it is in the actual bone/joint of the tailbone area.. near the topmost region of that, where it connects to the spine itself. It is an aching sort of pain, I would rate it at 6 with a dose of medicine, and 8.5 without. I try to stretch it to ease the pain, because that is the sort of feeling it gives me, but it does not help to do that and can actually make it feel worse. At the worst point I am unable to walk without a cane (borrowing my mother's). I am a community college student (needed lower fees, could not afford university); finished my undergraduate degree (and then some) and if I can get this issue out of the way sometime soon, would like to be able to move forward.

Please suggest to me what this appears to be and/or anything more that I can suggest to my doctor. Thank you.

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  • Doctors tested the levels of cortisol? As your blood glucose?
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  • Also it may be paraneoplastic syndrome or vasculitis....
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