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17 female Walking problems numbness,tingling,paralysis in legs & arms & fingers weakness all over

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  • Posted By: cutiepie2368
  • June 22, 2014
  • 06:07 PM

I'm 17 years old from Chicago,IL i have the Illinois medicaid insurance and i have been experiencing the following..

Walking problems
Numbness,Tingling,Paralysis(legs & arms & fingers)
Weakness all over
Muscle spasms
vision problems
bladder & bowel issues
light headed
Vitamin D deficiency
Dizzy spells
Speech problems (slurring of words)
Pain (achy & sharp all over )
Severe constipation
chest flutters
Always tired
Mood swings
These problems have been occurring for a little over a year now, i've been tested for mono , fibromyalgia ,thyroid has been tested, my kidneys, i've also had and MRI of my lower abdominal and a colonoscopy. All of these things have come back within the norm my doctors say. Except when they did my MRI they saw that my spine was deteriorating. They have diagnosed me with Conversion disorder and i'm not buying it so where can i go to get tested on and second opinions or any suggestions you may have that's wrong with me . Anything helps thank you
- Liv

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  • Hi i felt that too sometimes... you maybe have hypokalemia or bartter/gittlesman's sydrome... try some test...
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  • I've gotten the diagnosis called limb girdle muscular dystrophy, I'm 39 yrs old and my muscles are wasting drastically. I've seen some doctors and scientists at NIH (National Institute of Health. They've ruled out MS, LGMD, but I do have some severe deterioration going on currently. I was diagnosed with LGMD through the Veterans Hospital. Wish there was some sort of treatment available such as stem cell infusion/therapy. Out country just simply won't look past at using another life to fix us.
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  • I also wanted to include that, there are clinical trials available for us to figure out what we have such as unknown diseases through a website called clinicaltrials.gov. it may be very useful to anyone that has similar symptoms. I am currently 1 of 299 others that share the same symptoms and the fight against muscular dystrophy. I found out that I had this disease about 6-8 yrs ago. The 1st time I noticed a change in my body, was 10 yrs ago when I could not do a single sit-up or push-up . I
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  • after for being able to do a push-up , sit-ups & pull-ups . I then went to see a doctor to figure out why Imy body had weakened. soon after, I could no longer run or do squats or even lift weights anymore. took the VA (Veterans Affairs)2 whole years to guess what I have. So I really don't know what's going on at this point. Anyone care to indulge?
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  • Sounds like some form of spinal muscular atrophy but I have just been reading a lot about that lately because I think I have it. I hope you get some help.
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    • February 25, 2015
    • 08:53 AM
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  • My goodness, you just told my story. I also have night sweats at time, gained an enormous amount of weight, my legs from knees down are swollen and a hue of red, I fall, black out time, and yes my urine feels like it's temp is 110 degrees. Not a track infection , the urine. So thanks for sharing, I will def follow hoping for something. The pain I live in daily is becoming unbearable, my vision is going, and my feet are HUGE with dots. No I am not 110 years old. My kids are suffering as well cause it's hard to attend their sports. Thanks
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  • Sounds a lot like me. I have late stage Rocky Mountain spotted fever/ Lyme disease. Joint pain/ fatigue / back & neck pops cracks all time. Ibs symptoms & throat pain off & on.Lymph node pain / ribs breast sternum pain. Tenderness all over. Headaches & eyes hurt
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