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  • Posted By: Freyja
  • August 30, 2007
  • 07:50 PM

I was just poking around the Internet, trying to pin down something that might be causing the problems I've been having, and discovered this board - I am SO glad I did! I have a doctor appointment today and reading some of the discussions here have given me some focus as to what I want to bring up with him.

My BIGGEST issue (and has been for many years) is the debilitating fatigue. There have been times where I've been so exhausted I have literally slept an entire weekend, waking only to use the bathroom and possibly drink some water or something. I've noticed it's worse in the summer heat, which I didn't really give a thought to before, but reading through some of the symptoms here has definitely struck a familiar chord. In addition to my fatigue, I've also noticed:
- tremors in my hands, moreso in the fingers
- dizzy spells/poor balance and coordination
- intermittent spells of muscle weakness (lasting anywhere from an hour to more than a day)
- headaches, often at the base of my skull and just behind my ears
- occasional "flashers" in my eyes - had a recent dilated eye exam which showed nothing of concern
- intermittent vision changes (more in the left eye than the right)
- clumsiness
- intermittent changes in hand grip (somedays I seem to drop EVERYTHING)
- frequent mild nausea
- poor sense of smell (I used to laugh about this, thinking it was due to my allergies, but now I wonder...)
- periods of "foggy thinking" and increasing episodes of forgetfulness
- goes along with the forgetfulness, but I often notice myself fumbling for a name or a word, something I *should* know
- palpitations and rapid heartbeat
- frequent episodes where my hearing seems "off"...by that, I mean that despite having the volume on the TV turned up or whatever, I can't make out what's being said. It's like the person speaking is mumbling.
- increase in sweating, especially at night. Often I wake up and my hair is wet my skin is damp, etc. I've noticed this happening more often during the day now as well.
- episodes of "hot face", where my cheeks flush and the skin gets very warm

I never really considered that all of these things might possibly have a common cause, but I plan to mention it to the doctor this afternoon. By the way, I am a 37 year old woman with no other health issues save severe seasonal allergies. I do not drink alcohol nor do I smoke or use any illicit drugs. I had a sleep study done in February which revealed nothing except I "tend to perspire quite a bit while asleep" and am a "very restless sleeper". Nothing was too far out of whack with my labs in February either, except for needing to lower my cholesterol a bit and a "nonspecifically elevated" FANA level of 1:80.

They've also done an MPS and 24-hour Holter monitor with no abnormal results. Thus far, no one's really been able to explain my fatigue and other problems, but the vision/tremor/clumsiness problems are new, so maybe that will tip the scales in favor of a diagnosis of SOMETHING. It would be nice to know what the issue is, as it is starting to affect my job and I can't really resolve a problem until it's been identified.

Anyway, after that HUGE post, I'd just like to say: thank you all for what you've shared here. :)


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  • Hi...just searching the different boards and I saw yours...I too am having all sorts of symptoms and no answers...yesterday I had an EMG test, because they were testing my nerves..and today they took a blood test for aldolese...so maybe your doctor can test you for this!!!
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