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need some help

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  • Posted By: janesbaby
  • March 15, 2007
  • 04:55 PM

:confused: i need some advice... i have had symptoms of ms for about 8 years now i have some back problems i have had them all my life i got pregnant with my second child and instantly started having problems {there is also a post about these in the back problem selection} anyways i had my son and had so much back pain which i thought was from my scoliosis but it kept getting worse and new symptoms would arise i was seeing a internal medicine doctor which i still am. she thought it might be r.a. or lupis i do have a thyroid problem but i am on meds for that anyways i had no insurance and tests were expensive so i never got any {for r.a. or lupis} i heard something on t.v. about ms and it sounded SO much like what i have been feeling for all these years fatigue blurred double vision tingling in my hands and my neck severe back pain of course problems talking {so bad that when i call somone on the phone i have to write everything down or i cant get it out} i see things that are not there if there is a flashing light i see 6 in a line instead of one there is so many things that are not right with me. when my doc said r.a. or lupis it didnt seem right to me but when she said it could be ms it fit {i guess if that makes any sense} some people think it might be in my head i just need someone to tell me if im on the right track i am going to make an appointment with my doctor she told me last time that i might need to see a neuroligst so im going to ask her to recommend one to me if anyone can reply i would be grateful thank you so much for your time :( :( :confused:

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  • Jane--- No 2 people with MS have the same symptoms, however, most of the ones you have mentioned including the back pain I have had. Get the test and start treatment as soon as you can. My back pain is from the MS attacking the spine area.....so now I know why I have the pain I do. Good luck and God Bless Kelly
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  • i am so glad you replied i was thinking no one was going to. ya it is really getting on my nerves {no pun intended} i have had it for so long but after i had my daughter 14 months ago it has gottin so much worse do you or anyone know if having a baby makes it advance faster? i started with the symptoms after i had my second child 7 years ago and it pretty much stayed the same for all that time but now im getting so bad i know that something is not right. it is driving me crazy i feel like a horriable mom because i am so fatigued and sore all the time i cant do anything with them i feel so bad. I also cant stand the tingling in my neck it feels like spiders crawling on me , do you get that too? what kind of meds did they put you on and do they help? i really cant wait to know what this is cuz everyone thinks its all in my head and its really not!!!!!!!!!!! I have an appointment with my dr. on the 5th of april im going to ask her to request an MRI. thank you again for your help i really appreciate it! i also wish you the best with your ms. :confused: :(
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  • From what I have learned with MS....it goes into remission when pregnant, however, it tends to come out very strobgly after childbirth. I live in an area that is considered a Cluster. I have several friends to include my best friend who has MS. I take shots daily, Copaxone, I also take others meds for my tremors and meds for migraines. My MS is considered Progressive and there really are not any treatments for the Progressive type. I have always been a Super Woman type of person who could do anything....even the stuff men normally do. However, my weakness has really limited me to what I can do. It is a roller coaster every week and no way to predict how I am going to feel. It is a very hard disease for others to understand. Because of all the symptoms it does appear one is whiney or a hypochondriac. I had been to the doctor in the past with different ailments...can't remember anymore what they were...but I was told it was stress related. I have always had a stressful life and I think it is what finally brought this out. Anyhow...let me know how the appointment goes. There are certain test the neuro does in his office with reflexes that will be initial indicators to recomment you for the MRI and spinal tap. Here's to hoping it is all in your head....lol. Kelly:D
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  • thank you so much for your help, and ya everyone thinks its all in my head .i think my husband can somewhat understand but i always feel that he thinks that im being lazy or somthing. my mother in law thinks its all from my spinal from when i had my baby but its not it was way before then when it started i just didnt make to big of a deal of it. i have always had issues with my health since i was little. i have always delt with them,this is so bad that i cant. I too used to be a woman that could do anything i used to work 2 jobs full time i would get about 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night and i was fine with it i could run my **s off and have no problems up until the last few years its gotten bad now the last year it is so bad. like a really stupid example of how brain dead i am... i was changing my babys diaper and all of a sudden wasnt sure where she was i was freaking out and my 9 year old says "mom she is right there" so around my kids and maybe my husband i dont worry to much about being stupid but when its in public its pretty embarassing!! i also have been extreamly stressed out my mom passed away and my life kinda fell apart. but that is a whole other chapter well thanks for the help ill let you know what the doctor says good luck :o
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  • so i went to the doctor yesterday, we didnt talk to much about the possiabilty of ms as much as i wanted to. i am a little nervous. dont know why??????????? i so bad want to know what is wrong with me!!! i am so sick or feeling like this. i wanted to write down all my symptoms but i didnt and so i spaced off most of them until i got done with my appointment. so i have another appointment in 3 months i am going to start writing stuff down now and take it with me cuz my memory is so bad latley and maybe i get some answers to all my questions. but she does think i have r.a. in my right wrist i have been having so many problems with it latley so she wants to do some x'rays on it. she did say that she thinks the tingling in my neck is from picking up my daughter all the time. i dont think so but we will see i guess. the problem is that i am so passive and dont push things like i should. i need someone to push me to get answers i guess. that is so stupid! so anways thank you so much for your advice, i really appreciate it! :) let me know if you have any other advice...... jane
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