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  • Posted By: yarekim
  • March 15, 2007
  • 02:30 PM

I need someone out there to tell me what to do before I completely lose my mind!!!!!

I am a 25 year old female, not overwieght, non smoker, do not drink, married 6 years, never been pregnant, african-american. Now that that is out of the way this is the problem.

These are my symptoms as of right now: scalp tingly, pins and needles in hands and legs, tremors in hands, EXTREME FATIGUE, muscle spasms constantly, memory loss and confusion, problems concentrating, cold hands all of the time, temperature sensitivity, blurred vision, feeling like rubber band is around torso or legs, constipation, feeling like I am getting hit by lightning to the point that I will jump and cry out, twitches, unusual heavy feeling in limbs, migraines, and severe shoulder pain (joint).:mad: :mad: :mad:

I have had these symptoms at least 10 years, not as bad in the beginning, but getting steadily worse. Now this is what the docs have said.

Age 17- tested for lyme disease and normal bloodwork NORMAL. MRI of low back showed degenerative disk disease, no follow up. Age 23- new doc- repeat bloodwork NORMAL, EKG NORMAL, blood pressure high taking inderal. Age 24- new doc again- finally someone listening, sent to rheumatologist who told me I was to young to be there, no exam performed. Sent to Neuro who did EMG, said sensory nerve damage on right side no idea why. Did brain MRI (in open MRI) NORMAL, did C-spine MRI (open MRI) showed spinal stenosis, again no idea why. Talked of spinal tap, but he wanted to wait 1 year. Did not go back to see him. Age 24- new Neuro- reviewed MRI was not happy with resolution, wanted repeats, could not get in for another 6 months, gave up on him. Age 25- still only with primary care doc- had ultrasound for the torso pain, NORMAL. She thinks I am definitely having bad symptoms but still no idea why, no treatment offered, and she seems to be giving up on me as well. I can't get into last Neuro until June 11 and I am not even sure he will do anything anyway.:confused:

My question is what do I do now. Do I keep pushing? I want to have all MRI's repeated in closed MRI and also have my spinal tap done. Docs keep hinting at MS, but are not DOING anything. If I keep going like this I will for sure lose my job and my health insurance. Someone please help!!!!

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  • Keep pushing until you find out. But as a note...sometimes the MRI and Spinal Test can come back normal and still have MS. Some doctors would rather treat than to let you go untreated. I never really had any true symptoms early in life...that I can remember. When my MS hit me it was like a freight train ran over me and have never recovered. I am on permanent disability. So the sooner you start treatment the better you are. Good luck and God Bless.
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  • Hi, have you found anything out yet? I'm having a lot of the same symptoms - pins & needles, stabbing pains, muscle spasms, coordination problems, drop things constantly, blurry vision occasionally, heavy feeling in legs. I have heard that the rubber band feeling around your torso, is sometimes called the MS hug. My MRI's and spinal tap came out normal. The only thing showing up in my blood work is a high rate of ANA. No diagnosis, no treatment. I've seen a neurologist & a rheumatologist. I don't know what to do next. I'm interested to hear how you are doing. My email address is escapesideways@yahoo.com. Please let me know!
    lisa.sennem 3 Replies
    • September 12, 2007
    • 02:55 AM
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