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Head/Neck/Spinal injury prior to onset of symptoms

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  • Posted By: MedicallyUnfit
  • May 15, 2007
  • 04:24 PM

:confused: Hi, Can everyone please take the time to advise whether they did or did not suffer any of these prior to the onset of symptoms? I was perfectly healthy until I was involved in a road accident and now I am reasearching it, it appears that the injuries listed are common prior to the onset, is this a factor or coincidence? Thanks

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  • I had a car accident 15 years ago, and I have had similar symptoms of MS for years. I am now in the process of getting the MRI, etc. I had a neck injury and thought I recovered, but always blamed all my elments on the injury. I have numbness in my arms and hands. I have tightening in my chest like someone is hugging the life out of me, and now I have leg numbness and it feels like I am carrying 500 pund weights on them. I have really downplayed everything, because I actually work in the biotech industry for a company who markets for MS. I have thought I was going crazy. I am going to a doctor outside of my sales area, because I feel like my docs would think I have sympathy feelings... This is the first time I have come to a forum. But I am very scared. I have had progressive symptoms the past two years, and I lost significant feeling in my right side of my body after going on a scuba diving trip in Cozumel. I have really thought it had to be something else, and have tried to push myself, because I thought I knew just enough to be dangerous. But I am now going in for the MRI and I getting the lumbar, etc. I have always heard the Neuros should do the contrast. And it is not so much the contrast as it is the type of machine. The tesla is very important. I know that is the size of the magnet. the bigger the clearer the read. I hope that helps some of you. I would love any feedback. I am glad I found this forum.
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  • :) Gee the doctors here in Australia would like you to think all MRI's are the same and the are 100% accurate, which my research shows they are not and the specialists here that are not authorised to order them will agree but the one's with the power do not! I have also found the more information you arm yourself with the more they think you are a crazy hypercondriac! Therefore I have started seeing a shrink to get to ok that I am no esspecially crazy, to get some answers. Dont be to scared of your diagnosis, I knew very little about MS and other neuroligical disorders until I got sick but know mum has introduced me to her friend who has MS, who I had only met in passing prior and she has been a great help. MS is not the worst thing we can have but the unknown is scary. I found the forums help, finding others who knew how I felt and that my random and speratic symptoms were normal. If you or anyone else would like to contact me direct to discuss this or anything else, just even to have a laugh your very welcome to drop me a line; http://www.myspace.com/158696777. Wishing good health and happiness!:p
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  • Hi, so you had an accident. Ever asked a doctor about TBI, traumatic brain injury? It is very interesting since it mimicks symptoms of other more common diseases. Check out http://www.neuroskills.com/whattoexpect.shtml . All the best to you and all others.Bibi
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    • October 10, 2007
    • 02:58 PM
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  • Have you ever had anyone say that your C4 & C5 vertebrates have lost there curvature? If so I would recommend that you see a good chiropractor and also get special neck wedge that helps with these joints. I am trying to figure out how you can order them. I get them from my chiropractor in Michigan.
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