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Do I have MS???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 6, 2007
  • 10:46 PM

I have had a weird tingling feeling on and off for the last ten years, since I was 18 years old. It always happenned after I took some type of medication, like Bendryl, so I thought it was nothing.

Recently, it has become really bad. I went to see a neurologist, and he sent me to an MRI of my head and cervical spine. The head showed numerous white foci, but the cervial spine showed nothing. He has ordered the visual test in the next few weeks.

The thing is, can I have MS and only have symptoms of tingling and vertigo, for over ten years? I am very scared because I am newly pregnant and don't want to leave a child in this world without a mother. ) ;

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  • Autoimmune conditions like MS are often caused by immune reactivity to metals like mercury or nickel. You can get a blood lymphocyte immune reactivity test like MELISA www.melisa.orgto determine what you are immune reactive to. Most who get rid of their mercury amalgam fillings and nickel bridges and such, recover or signif. improve. See the studies on MS at the medical lab site above.or: www.flcv.com/hgrecovp.htmlBW
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  • Do you have several silver mercury amalgam fillings? If so you have very high mercury exposure, 10 times as much as those without fillings like me, and mercury is the most common cause of many of the symptoms you listed. If you are pregnant, you have a delima since getting them replaced causes additional mercury exposure, yet leaving them in causes lots of exposure also. After replacemen, exposure goes down 70 to 90%. You should be taking lots of antioxidants like vit C and E and also magnesium to counteract free radicals from toxic exposures. And also consider a safe oral chelator like Pectasol CF or Pectasol or NDF or NCD.
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  • Have your B12 checked asap. I developed a B12 deficiency during my last pregnancy that left me with nerve damage - I'm now off work, almost 4 years later. It can cause all of the same symptoms as MS, as well as MRIs that look similar to MS results. Ask your doctor what your B12 level is (don't just take their word for it that it's okay) and get a second opinion if he/she tells you it's fine, because it varies by country. My level was considered low in the U.S. but not in Canada (where I live) so I couldn't find a doctor to treat me for over a year. By then, it had already started causing damage.It can take years (sometimes up to 20) for a B12 deficiency to show up, so it could possibly explain the years of tingling as well.
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  • You should also check for hypothyroid condiion, as such is highly likely given your described symptoms. You can do a simple home test by using a thermometer tightly under the arm before getting up in the morning to check temperature, or the usual way if you prefer. If temperature is low, less than 98 degrees for a couple of mornings in a row, likely hypothyroid and maybe get further tests, plus look for the cause- likely toxic metal exposure. Being hypothyroid during pregnancy exposes the fetus to extreme danger of developmental and neurological problems throughout life. www.flcv.com/ASDendo.html
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