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Clear MRI, but Weird Symptoms

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  • September 6, 2007
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For the past eight years my hands/wrists and feet/lower legs have been tingling/numb off and on. Lately they have been worse, with a great deal of weakness in my lower arms and hands. (I drop stuff!). I have off and on fatigue with no cause, I have become very forgetful, no concentration, use the wrong words, etc. Lately my chin and lower lip have been numb upon waking in the morning. Both of my arms are tight and my hands are in clenched fists and bent sharply in at the wrists upon waking. My balance is poor, and my feet feel heavy and leaden. Sometimes I stumble or trip when I walk. Sometimes I tend to veer to the left. My husband teases me and says I look drunk. (I'm certainly not!) I've had tons of bood work done, and EMG, etc. and two sets of brain/neck MRIs done and they all show normal. I know my doctor believes me (I have livido reticularis in my lower legs--a symptom of autoimmune disease that has been verified by my doctor and another specialist), and thinks MS is probably the most likely scenario, but no MRI lesions, no diagnosis. Do you know if many people have MS without lesions showing? This is driving me crazy...what if it's something else that could be treated if I start now?

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  • I am a 34 year old female with a weird set of sypmtoms also, and one Dr said it was a high possibility of MS, while 2 others have ruled it out because I "seem" to be healthy and all the phyical neurological tests are fine. They said the only way something may show up in a CT scan or MRI is if the attack was happening in that moment to show up as a positive reading, otherwise it may show up clear (like yours show up clear). So when I'm told by one Dr that it's MS, and the others say no it's probably Ice Pick Headaches, a strange major muscle virus, and the other sypmtoms are due to MVP (a heart valve disorder) and this leaves me a little unsettled. My body has become weak from time to time, and I have dropped things also, I get numbness in my face, etc. and I have been confused and forget what I'm saying in the middle of my sentences,...and a list of other random things. I'm not sure if any of this helps you, but it is what I most recently experienced. My suggestion is to go to the ER during the next onset of symptoms and then they can give you all the testing again, and see what will show up. This is your life and you know your body best, so get several opinions if need be.Many Blessings.
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    • September 18, 2007
    • 08:05 PM
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