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lip inflammation- the enigma which is hurting my life- please help

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  • Posted By: davy611
  • April 11, 2007
  • 08:07 PM

Ive had this problem now for over 2 years without any answers. If any1 has any take on the situation, any advice would be greatly appreciated. The inner of both my upper and lower lips are just normal and havent been for 2 years now. Whenever the top skin tried growing back in normally something always hinders it andit cracks and peels. Whenever i thought it would heal it doesnt. Ive used anti-fungal matched with steroids, ive had a biopsy report being negative, and contaact-allergy test showing up negative, ive switched toothpastes, ive used a wheat germ oil w/ vitamin E which i had hope for until it started looking gross and peeling. Ive use chapticks, aquaphor and a type of lanolin. I think i mite produce an excess of saliva but not an abnormal amount as well as i think i sleep with my mouth open but i dont see why that should really hurt the matter. If any1 has any advice for my situation i thank u in advance for the responses. Please try and help me fight my plague which doesnt stop. - Dave :(

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  • Have you been tested for celiac disease? You can check the symptoms: www.celiac.com. If the wheat germ oil seemed to make it worse, this could be a clue. Celiacs often have lip sores, sores in the angles of the mouth, thrush, candida, etc. I just talked to a celiac who had become addicted to lip gloss to keep her lips from hurting. I have lip cracking when I become dehydrated. I also have a white "foaming" substance. Dermatitis Herpetiformis is a skin disease (also called skin celiac) which can only be cured with the gluten free diet (no wheat, rye, barley or any derivatives); dapsone is used to help control the rash and itching, but healing will not take place until the diet is followed for life. Celiac disease is an inflammatory, genetic, neurological disease that was thought to be rare; now it is estimated that 1:100 people have it but there are 87 undiagnosed celiacs for every one who has been blood tested and biopsied.You can try eliminating foods listed as having gluten on celiac websites to see if this helps your problem.
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  • I dont think celiac is what is going on here. Im gonna check out if thats a possibility even on the lips. Does any1 else have any other ideas or experience of s/t similar to this who wants to share it?
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  • DaveI have a very similar condition to you - my lips keep drying and then peels and so it just continues like that! I seem to have a white substance initially which if i leave seems to form the skin, but that just peels off after a day or so I have been given, Clotrimazole, candid b cream, lamisil antifungal cream, acyclovir , Kenalog- and NOTHING works. I have had this for 4 years! I'm surprised my lips havent fallen off after all the medication.Knowing my luck... Pls Help....anyone?A
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  • I have the same problem, although I noticed it a bit different. It's more like my lips get hard and eventually the hard part becomes a bit like a second skin which separates a bit from my lips. Eventually it starts cracking and after a while becomes soft and white and falls off, although I usually rip it off before it gets soft. When it's hard, sometimes it'll crack and bleed if i open my mouth wide or something. It is shiny and looks like chapped lips. Whenever I rip it off or it falls off, it grows back by the end of the following day.
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  • :oI am 33 yrs old. I have had the same symptoms for the past 2 year, my family doctor keeps ignoring me, this week I saw her and she send me to see a dermatologist however when I tryed to schedule an apt. I was told that I needed to see a ENT and then when I tried making the apt. with the ENT I was told that I needed to see my family doctor. The pain in my lips is killing me, I can live with the dry lips, but this pain is just to much, I now have a new symptom which is that my hard palate is swollen, as well as my gums. My teeth have started to hurt too I went to see the dentist but I was told that my teeth were fine. Any ideas on what doctor can help! What type of doctor did you went to. thank you
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  • I think you first should visit your doctor - just to eliminate any major problems like fungal issues , thrush etc! I did a search on the net "lips peeling" then i found a number of people with similar conditions. Some people suggested the following 1.Drink sufficient water ( Makes sense cos lack of water makes your lips dry)2. Take a good multivitamin ( one with has the Vitamin B Complex) (Lack of Vit B is a cause of cheilosis)3. Iron tablets 4. Moisturiser - like blistex or aquaphor ( medicated moisturisers)5. evening primrose oil supplement.I'm trying out the above - so will be back on this forum and will let you know in 2 weeks okayA
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  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have been to my family doctor many times, she did blood test to see if was anemic, came back normal. She would not look inside my lips or even try to see what is causing my problem. she send me to the dermatologist who refused to see me and send me to the ENT who also refused to see me. I just don't know what to do any more, my pain radiates to my neck, and is only getting worse. Im going to try the antifungal cream. I really hope that this works for both. good luck.
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  • ClemenI think you should change your family doctor! If you dont want to change your doctor, ask her for a written referral for the ENT. Use the letter to book an appointment with the ENT. If they refuse ask them why.Also all medical practioners belong to some medical council or are registered with a Government health department. If they refuse to attend to you, then try and approach these agencies and COMPLAIN.Im not a doctor, but if you're getting pain then the Internet cant really help you - only a doctor. The doctor can run several blood tests, do xrays etc....Lastly dont stress too much - you'll be fine!A
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  • Thanks for taking the time to answered, I did make an appointment with the ENT and I will be changing doctors. thanks again.
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