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21 month old son

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  • Posted By: jclark25
  • July 2, 2008
  • 07:59 PM

Is it normal for a 21 month old to have hand foot mouth, or some other kind of virus that would cause his gums to swell and bleed. Oh he has been to two doctor's and a dentist. The swollen gums have been longer then a week. the bleeding started monday it is now wednesday. He has sores in his mouth and no where else. No fever and he is eating. It seemed that he was getting better but the gums started to bleed and they are still very swollen. The dentist said it wasn't gingivitis, and doctors say it is a virus. However I didn't know that viruses could cause this in a 21 month old. I think maybe a bleeding disorder because he has always been very light skin and bruises easily. Here is another thing my husband held his head back to brush his teeth and it left marks finger prints on the side of his head. He didn't hold him hard. but it seems almost that he is bruising to the touch. I am worried I am afraid if something is really wrong it is being missed. I don't think it's normal to have a virus that would cause your gums to swell and bleed. Please any one with any answers would be great.

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  • Hmmmmm if i was u i would take charge of cleaning his teeth & see if it settles. It might be more vigerous than u think, are u about to see what happens ? does ur son get upset during this ? It is also bound to hurt him eating. Maybe give his gums a wee rest by not cleaning for a couple of days. Sorry to suggest such a thing, i dont mean to offend but these things happen, i would be watching everything. There is another member here who is a dentist "Felsen" she will give u good advice & agree or disagree with this, im sure she will be online soon. I hope i am way of base here, but this kinda does not add up....swollen gums & finger marks on head.....think about it ! Sorry & Best wishes :) Another thing when my daughter was young there is no way i would have held her head back to wash her teeth, there is no need to do it that way.
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  • I appreciate the response but your implications are way out of line. I was right there as he was brushing, and we have given his gums a rest but the dentist said clean so plague won't build up. The reason he had the red marks had nothing to do with him getting held it had to do with the fact that he is bruising easily. I appreciate your input but next time I think you should read the thread completely because I explained all of this in it. I am looking for help a direction I can look into not criticism.
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  • As i said i would be happy to be wrong, and as u highlighted the fact of finger marks on his head that was the pointer, yes u did say he was light skined & marks easily but made more of the finger marks. Maybe you should read ur post from the view of an outsider & see that maybe the way u worded ur post it could be misinterpreted, or said that u where there during brushing & also that u did give his gums a rest. U asked for answers & then see it as criticisim. Maybe u should tell us the answers u want ? I totally read ur post.......and if u had said to ur doctors what u said here they would ask the same questions. Questions & suggestions is not criticisim. I hope ur sons gums heal soon. You have a good day ;)
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  • Hi Could It Be Thrush? Google It. Children As Well As Adults Can Get It
    ithurts 12 Replies
    • September 9, 2008
    • 11:24 PM
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