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what is wrong with me

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  • Posted By: davidjk
  • January 13, 2012
  • 00:46 PM

ok so about 10 years ago i got sick with flu like symptoms and was knocked off of my feet for about 5 months, the doctors said post viral fatigue syndrome, and after 2 years of it i was diagnosed by a rheumatologist with chronic fatigue syndrome.
the mains symptoms where fatigue on exertion pain in joints and muscles short term memory problems.
the doctors gave me pain killers and anti depressants and left me to it.
4 years ago i developed double vision my right eye moved out to the right. this went away after 4 months.
a year later it came back intermittent double vision and then it stayed, and i have a squint that wont stay constant so it cant be fixed.
i thought this was the chronic fatigue affecting my eye muscles, but im not so sure any more.

i have always been the most easy going person in the world, but since the second bout of my eyes playing up my personality has gradually changed till i have have zero patience and anger instantly over simple things.
today i nearly exploded at a telephone survey person, now i know that they are irritating, but i always was nice and polite and said no thank you. i wanted to scream at this person.
i realise i need to go to the doctors and i am next week, but i wanted an idea of what to say
i was born with hydrocephalus, i dont know how it was treated because i was adopted and my adoptive mother was told i had had it and it was treated.

my current symptoms are
intense reaction to emotional stimulus (i.e. easily angered, easily upset )
double vision
unsteady squint
muscle pain
pain in joints
headaches (not tension head aches, i think these are due to my eyes)
altered sensation in my left side of my face.
numbness/ pins and needles in hands and feet sometimes travels up arms to elbows

any ideas please
i was thinking of asking to be tested for lyme disease
neurological conditions

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  • Lyme disease. I had flulike illness. It was severe for nine dYs then shoulder pain neck pain heAdaches brain fog mood swings forgot how to get to places such as work and home joint and muscle pain was severe and was in different parts of body depending on the day I received diagnosis for lupus but then was retracted. Hypothyroidism. Chronic fatigue. Fibromyalgia. Had issue with one eye dilating. Numbness in extremities. Skin issues. I felt stabbing sensations crawling sensations. I heard strange muffled sounds no one else heard. Finally found a good Lyme literate doctor. Was treated for a year. No more pain and all issues were clear. Developed bipolar like symptoms and psychosis and didn't realize they were related. Took two years of mental issues before I realized it was active Lyme in the brain. It's the last place the illness goes into remission. You should read up on Lyme disease. If affects your whole body and causes severe exhaustion and no real diagnosis. You need to find doc
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