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what I thought was dp/dr.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 4, 2007
  • 00:55 AM

I have OCD, and along with it I have bad anxiety.
Lately I've had symptoms of dp/dr, and very recently I began to feel very confused.
I would be thinking about something, for example, and suddenly, I will get confused about wether it happened or not, for a split second. I get very forgetful, and I get a lot of depression, mainly because of what's happening to me. The voices in my day dreaming can seem somewhat real sometimes, and I space out a ton. my teachers always got *****d at me because I would never pay attention. Sometimes I have mild symptoms of aphasia.
pretty much, I feel confused.

Any ideas on what could be happening to me?

At first I thought it was just dp/dr, but the brain fog is killing me.

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  • Hmmm well i too suffer from OCD, dp/dr, and get bad anxiety too and it sounds like thats what you're going through, dp/dr can cause some nasty brain fog/forgetfulness, and in general just a confused feeling. Since you probably find these symptoms uncomfortable, your anxiety/deppression is going to feed off of them and your dp/dr is gonna get worse, the key is to just try your best to just relax and remember that its just your mind messing with you, dont let it get to you man and im sure you'll start feeling better.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 10, 2009
    • 05:29 PM
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  • I have never heard of DP before tonight but, when i read an artical on it in ways it reasured me that maybe these things i see arnt real maybe i have DP. I will list a thew of my issues and i hope that you can give me you'r verdict i don't want to ever go to a dr about it incase they send me off to the lonnie bin. Most days in my life consist on me being terrafied because of these terrafieing images that appear in my head i fade of and it all appears to be real to be like this will happen right now if i don't get away. I see me as i am where i am but with only bad and scary thing happening around me I snap back but the fear follows so i try to get away but no mater what i do i cant stop myself thinking these horrafieing things. I regullaly used to hear voices that terrafied me also my emmotions are constatly haywire. I can't remember a time before this when i felt normal (whatever that realy is). I live my life in fear and i fought it could all be real until i read tonight. please help me I live in constant fear that bad things will happen and i can see them coming but i can't escape. i try to put on a brave face to the people around me i act like nothing is happening to me i just want it to stop i dont want to be scared anymore.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 13, 2010
    • 11:52 PM
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