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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 7, 2007
  • 03:11 AM

I am a 20 year old male. I would like to know if some of my habits/feelings are contributed from just living normal life or something more serious (obviously I know I will need professional diagnosis to know for sure, but what are your thoughts). Sorry if this is a little long, but it would really mean a lot to me. My biggest fear of a potential problem lies in my moods, here is an example:

A lot of the time I would like to consider myself at a "normal", stable mood in my life. However, I sometimes go through weird phases (that I don't realize until later are weird). About 2 weeks ago I had absolutely no urge to go out or call any of my friends, and when they called me I would be very unrational and angry with them for very small issues. I had strong sexual desires, I ate a lot of food, I went to bed early and I woke up very early in the morning, much earlier than normal (and felt refreshed. I am a morning guy). However, I felt absolutely great in my mind. I felt like I was so consumed with my personal studies that I didn't have time for anyone else: I thought that if I could just learn one more thing I will discover the equivalent of the cure for cancer. I spent every waking minute drawing diagrams, researching, and writing
Then one morning I woke up thinking about my ex girlfriend from a year ago (who I maintain regular contact with since then and we are good friends). These thoughts consumed my whole day. I couldn't concentrate on my work and suddenly all the work I had done seemed entirely unimportant and pointless to me. My heart was constantly racing and I felt like complete crap. Strangely, I had very little sexual drive. My mind was constantly coming up with scenarios that she never really loved me and stuff like that. All I knew is that I needed this girl to be with me and I needed it immediately. I called her up told her we needed to hang out alone. She was on vacation and wouldn't be back until the weekend (it was Tuesday). That week these feelings stayed the same and I didn't sleep or eat almost anything. We finally hang out and I feel absolutely nothing. I make an excuse and drop her off very early. I was back to normal again for a few days.

Now here is more general stuff:
sometimes I go to parties and I am the life of the party. I can make everyone laugh and I have the most interesting stories.
Less often I go to parties and I wont say a single word to anyone. People always ask me "whats wrong?" Unfortunately, I have no idea what is wrong.

sometimes I get extremely disturbing thoughts like if I'm riding in the passenger seat with my friend, what if I just reached over and turned the wheel to oncoming traffic. However, I realize that these thoughts are really messed up and I feel extremely sad inside that I would ever think of these things, sometimes to the point of watering eyes.

I feel like people generally annoy me, and if you set me off I wont be able to calm these feelings down for sometimes days. Unfortunately, I am also known to get angry about the most seemingly pointless things.

I am convinced when I see people whispering that they are talking about me. Depending on how I feel at the moment, I know they are either talking about how cute I am or how something is wrong with me

It bothers me that I realize all of these things are retarded, but when I'm in the moment it doesn't really matter what I know or not, I am convinced how I feel is justified (until later I realize it isn't). Fortunately, I know I am in control enough not to do something REALLY stupid (never would consider suicide, etc). However, it makes it difficult to get close to people and keep friends.

To let you know, I feel similar today like described in the second half of the girl story and it has driven me to write this. I don't feel tired ever, never hungry, and I need to be around people all the time. Being alone just doesn't work right now. Lately my mood swings have been more intense and longer lasting (and more destructive to my daily life) than ever before

Does this sound like what I should expect just from living life or do you recommend I see a doctor?

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  • i'm definately no expert, but it sounds kind of like you are bipolar maybe. I know what you mean about the car thing. I feel that too. it's disturbing. and the whispering thing, cute or otherwise. but if you swing from euphoric and irrational to depressed... sounds like bipolar. you should see a doctor. most people here should. but we wont that's why we're here. sorry i'm being cynical. hope you feel better.
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  • I agree that you are showing bipolar tendancies, but have a few other questions to ask: do you use recreational drugs like pot or cocaine or others? Do you drink or go binge drinking? Do you sleep well, or do you have trouble sleeping? How was your childhood - do you have any history of trauma or emotional abuse? I would suggest trying to look at your problems from a nutritional standpoint first - vitamin/mineral deficiencies can cause mental/emotional problems, especially with certain B vitamins. Consider looking into this and finding a naturopath to help you. Western docs have virtually no training in nutrition, and psychiatrists are only there to offer you drugs. Yes, of course some people benefit from medications, but just as many have horrible side effects from meds. Just my opinion but I would try a more holistic approach before resorting to pharmaceuticals. There are options out there for you. Best wishesDOM
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  • Bro, I get some of these symptoms too. I'll feel weird on rare occassions; I'll wonder, is that person laughing at me - whispering about me, I'll feel extremely uncomfortable in classes where no close friends are around, where people can see me and I can't see them. Seems to only happen everynow and then, by I've been trying to forget about it lately, and pretend im fine, I am fine aren't I? I'll think back to days over the semester where I was very uncomfortable, doing my best to stay out of site in class for no particular reason, I'll wonder how intelligent I am, I have feelings of being retarded (every single day), I'll wonder sometimes, ok.. is this person laughing at me, or with me? (i'll think back and think no, of course not!) I've been more comfortable with social contacts lately, I feel as if my socializing skills are improving. That myself am improving, but what if it's just an upstage in my life? Last semester I would have mornings and afternoons in class where I would either be really sad, depressed or whatever, for no aparent reason, or I would be talkative, and outgoing/more comfortable around peopleI would/ sometimes (rarely at the time) think about suicide, but like you said, could never do such a thing, although I seem to fantasize about blowing my brain out with a shotgun, as payback for feeling like ****.Theres other things, but I don't feel like typing anymore, cause I know no one here really gives two ****s, and I won't get a response anyway, although it would be appreciated. oh and im 16 yr. maleCheers to the good days bro,
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