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The feeling of being outside my body

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 19, 2007
  • 00:57 AM

Sorry if this isn`t the right place to make this type of thread..but I really didn`t know where else to write it..anyway..A lot of times I have moments, when I feel like I`m almost floatin and like my body is another being or something..hope that I didn`t make this sound weird..the first time I was really scared(6 years ago)..cause I felt very weird and everything was very distant..now even If I think of this..it happens(like right now when I`m typing this)..but I don`t feel afraid like I used to..cause it lasts for a couple of minutes..and then it goes away..I`m back in full aware..being in my body and stuff...Hope anyone has any kind of clue of this..gonna google it anyway..just for the heck of it..If it helps..I think I have snowy vision for about as long as this started happening..doubt that it`s related..

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  • I would highly recommend you to go through "Parts Intergartion" by a Neurological Repatterning™ Practitioner trained by Christopher Howard Companies.
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  • Possibly search Derealization, and depersonalization. Do your best to assure yourself you're ok, and try to convince yourself its just in your head and you will have better control of it. If symptoms persist I would see a doctor.
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  • it sounds like dp/dr. that's what I get about once or twice a week. Pretty much, I feel like everything is a picture in front of my eyes, and sounds seem like they are in my ears. It's kind of a loss of depth perception in a way. eyerything seems comical and movie-like. Sometimes I feel like everything is dreamy in a way. It all seems distant and when people talk to me it's like they're not really in my world.I think this is dp/dr... but I don't know that much.I've also heard of people astral projecting before they go to sleep. pretty much, they're just lying there and all of a sudden they see their body from above... I don't think that's what you're describing though.
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  • Yep, that's correct. Maybe go to a doctor if you still feel that way, not much is known about the dr/dp, and I'm not sure if medications would be prescribed.
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  • Im going through the same exact thing!! It is indeed depersonalization/ derealization. It can be cause possibly by anxiety or panic attack. Although I dont think you have the disorder like myself. I have it consistently on a daily basis. It is all in your head and you just have to remind yourself of that!! I know that drinking alcohol, smoking pot, a lot of caffeine, some prescriptions, and even cigarettes can cause an episode. There are no medications for this only therapy. Good luck to you,Nicole
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    • September 12, 2007
    • 11:55 PM
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