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son has gone insane help?

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  • Posted By: kasinomann66
  • May 5, 2007
  • 00:05 PM

came home from work last night to my wife, younger son and his girlfriend gone due to my older son's behavior, he was blaming my younger son's girlfried of having her friend and his friend over to the house while we were all gone except him and her. he said he heard them talking about him and were hiding in her closet. he claims this has been going on for 3 or 4 days now. yesterday moring he opened her bedroom door, she was sleeping and asked her where they were and why was she and them spying on him.
he has been going through marriage problems , probably in the stages of getting divorced, has moved in with me about 2 months now, was in a very depressed state of mind for a while. while he was with his wife he would have mood swings also accused his wife of having affairs, not sure if he was hearing voices or not, will need to talk with his wife to find out. my belief is that he probaly has been having this going on for a while now.
I tried to get him to go to hospital last night, almost had him convinced to go, he then said he wasnt crazy, that I was, and to turn around. finally he went to bed and everyone came back home, he has not woke up yet so I dont know what will go on this morning. Anyone have any idea's has to what can or could be going on. Bipolar? depressed?

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  • You're not really giving us enough symptoms to give any diagnosis. Mental illness is not only defined by what someone does or says, but also by why they say it, their internal processes etc. You can't just be considered crazy for saying your wife is unfaithful. Why are you trying to bring him to the hospital, I assume to get committed for mental problems, when you don't even know if he has mental problems? If I were him I'd be really *****d off too. You do realize if he's committed to a mental hospital, even for like 1 day, you have completely screwed him as far as his divorce settlement, don't you? Sounds like you just want him out of your house. So, just stand up to him and tell him you find another place to live. There is no reason to bring mental authorities into this, unless he has some symptoms you're not telling us.
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  • I never said I wanted him out of my house, Im trying to help him get back on his feet, and move on with his life.I just thought this to be very irrational behavior last night, really didnt know how else to explain it except crazy.Hearing voices , accusing people to be spying on him, hiding in closets,everyone against him , really dont know what other symptoms to give to you that makes one to think something is serious going on.I dont want to commit my son anywhere especially an insane hospital,and you are right he is *****d cause no one believes his imaginary voices he has heard. I think that everyone who has a mental condition of some sort believes the same way. I think this could have been going on for a while, and did not pick up on it. He has had numerous problems with his temper, being arrested for going to where his wife worked threatiningto kill everyone, domestic battery, wreckless driving ie: doing dounuts in gas station parking lot trying to hit the pumps in order to kill self after argument with his wife. Dont get me wrong having problems with marriageis enough to make someone do things they normally wouldnt do.I personly think he is bipolar or severly depressed, medication or counselling I believe would help him , but he does not think he has a problem, in his mind everyone else does. Any ideas or suggest anything would be appreciated. Thankyou
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  • What kind of drugs does he take?What does he eat all day?Is he sensitive to smell, touch, light or anyhting else you can think of?How was he as a student (when in high school)?
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  • he smokes pot and drinks beer, other than that no drugs.he is out of school, grades fair till he started smoking pot.
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  • he smokes pot and drinks beer, other than that no drugs.he is out of school, grades fair till he started smoking pot.What does he eat? I mean, he does not have a wife to cook for him- I am afraid his system might be extremly toxic. He needs a detox diet- he needs to start pushing out all the garbage out of his system.Toxins can mess people up: aspartame, yellow #5, msg, etc.Do you think he might have tried a different drug? Something that really got his nervous system out of whack?You should try giving him *Chammomile tea, Lynden tea, Dandelion root tea, ginger tea,* lots and lots of raw leafy greens, *raw nuts, flaxseed oil, cod liver oil- the nuts and oils are packed with vital fatty acids that the body can use to strenghten his nervous system and all cell membranes.*Also you should give him the Bach rescue remedy.*Lots of pure water (8 glasses per day)* A good multivitamin (something better than Centrum).It sounds simple- but replacing the junk for these items in addition to a sensitive cooked food diet (no processed food or sugars) can really stabilize people who are overacting to his environment.He certainly have some emotionals, self love problems- He is his worst enemy.I personally don't believe in interventions- but he can certainly use a light on his path.*Try also rubbing some diluted essential oils on him, on his forehead and crown, also on his belly- maybe some verbena, ylang ylang, or eucaliptus or lavender- something he does not react negatively too. *Most importantly- tell him that you love him and that he ought to love himself unconditionally.May God Bless you both.
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  • >Well, this is really not something that you can deal with without professional help.We do not need more VT shooters in this world- he needs to be commited. Think about all the people who could be hurt or killed, including yourself.He is dangerous to himself and others- this is really not up to you to decide if you wait around for him to kill himself and/or others.You have to act now.I have lived my life to be surrounded by tragedies. I am from DCMetro area.I had to live with the DC Snipper running around my town killing people, people from near by communities dying at Virginia Tech, September 11 (I was at Pentagon City when it happened), people getting stabbed at the local Mall, etc, etc, etc.If you have love and compassion for him, you'll commit him.Those places are not the best- but he is dangerous.You can get him help- good help once he is in a safe place.
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  • I would hope his wife has gotten a restraining order and maybe a concealed weapon permit. This man sounds very dangerous and needs to be removed from civilized society at least until he is stabilized.Call the police as soon as the next outburst occurs. They will pick him up and he will be committed temporarily. A diagnosis and medication might be all he needs.
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  • Your son does need medical attention. As mentioned before, call the police during the next incident. But he has to prove to be dangerous to himself or others for them to take him to the hospital. If he is they will keep him temporarily to examine him and determine if he is psychiatrically sound. If not they will hold him longer for treatment and follow-up. Seeing as he is an adult, you will not have much say on his behalf. If he acts calm and rational, claiming he is normal they may let him go. Unfortunately this is built into the Patient Bill of Rights, which although it's there to protect us, it allows many mentally unstable people to fall through the cracks simply because they suffer from an illness, which name escapes me at the moment, which prevents the person from recognizing his or her own symptoms, no matter how severe they are.
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  • Last year my brother went off the wall. He was a partier all the way, but he owned his own home, paid all his bills, had money, etc. We believe he started doing crystal meth, or something like that. He thought there was this great conspiracy against him, people living in his crawl spaces, hooking into his electric, etc., etc. He sawed up his furniture as he thought everything was bugged or wired; he thought people he knew were coming in to his house when he was gone, etc. The point is your son could very well have gotten hooked on some very dangerous drugs. I am currently tyring to find out what I can do for my brother; he denies drugs, etc., but his family wasn't born yesterday like he may be convinced of. He was a good looking guy, just a year ago, and dressed neatly. He has aged 10 years, is disheveled, is complaining of bugs all over him, seeing bugs - which may be floaters in his eyes - and red streaks. He has yellow powdery looking balls at his lash lines. He has scabs he has been picking at. We lost our mother shortly before this, and we think he took it all inside, and is still suffering because of her passing. But he is NOT the type to listen to anyone or have a close conversation about this - he shuts people out - at least us, and there are quite a few of us. He won't listen. The only important people to him are all his seedy party friends. Family is pretty low on the list, but we love him to death, and we know he probably loves us, too, but... how do you help someone falling apart in front of your eyes? At this rate, we don't think he's going to live very long and we are worried sick about it. He's in his early 40's. Good luck.
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