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  • Posted By: g_tar_playa
  • January 31, 2008
  • 07:07 AM

I am a 23yo male from Canada and I would like to list my symptoms and get any valid opinions that anyone has to offer. I'm posting here because I have had a blood test and any physical reasons have been ruled out. I must be getting a bit smarter as I get older or something because I'm not exactly sure what prompted me to do somethign about all of this. The following symptoms have been in place for over 5 years and I never used to think there was more to life.

-poor memory
-poor concentration
-daydream a lot, when driving too though I somehow am aware of the drive, but this can't be a good thing.
-noticing that I'm having to hold back speaking a sentence or stop in mid sentence becaus I forgot the word that needs to come out. Simple words even, I know the meaning in my head by the way it has to come out escapes me.
-trouble getting to sleep, light sleeper, have to turn over more than the normal person.
-hardly ever see results in body composition, despite much weight lifting and/or cardio.
-don't care about others as much as most people. I realize this at times when someone else says or does something that appears to be the right thing to do because they care, this comes as an instant realization to me because I would have never have thought to say or do the same.
-fidgety, always playing with hair to get it right, bouncing my legs a little bit as I am sitting, maybe some light gritting of teeth(not sure how common though)
-always catching myself with slightly raised shoulders causing tension in that area
-I am usually the one to say something erratic or even questionable while people are talking
-I feel like I have to tell people what they want to hear for fear of what might happen if I don't, this is a problem at work since I do call center work, tech support for major computer company and some calls I take I can hear frustration in someones voice right away and I think what I might feel when that happens is anxiety.
-once every week or two I will decide stay home from work in the minutes after waking up and I'm still lying in bed. Decidingto say home usually wins over goin to work whenever this happens and make I something up about why I can't go in, So I can stay home and sleep in and and get out of bed when I feel like it. I don't like sleeping too long, but I can stay in bed for over ten hours easily, not all of the hours are good sleep either.
-most of the time I feel like something has a slight grip on my soul, just enough to notice discomfort in myself which is borderline physical, this becomes much more apparent to me when I'm hungry
-sometimes I will imagine a verbal conflict with a person whom irritates me, and my imagination can stirr up almost real emotions of anger and frustration
-Too often I agree to do something with friends (usually their idea) and then half an hour later regret it because I am am somehow more comfy at home in my room (I dont have a fear of public places by the way)
-I dont have to be working a job for very long before I get the feeling that I need to get another one so I can quit the one i'm in.

***after listing this I will now mention that I have had rare moments of peace and clarity within the last 5 years, like a fog was lifted. these moments were after heavy breathing. Making out with someone (or more) for over 15 minutes, and trying to learn the right breathing to be able to sing correctly. A feeling of confidence and comfort with who I am comes with these rar moments of peace and clarity. It feels like it has to be the normal way I should feel and lots of other people probably feel that way normally.***

My psychiatrist has me researching anxiety disorders and depression which lead me here. I appreaciate anyone who has read this post and replied.

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  • I agree with blaze especially the paret about psyches sedating you. I was on meds for several years, not as many as blaze though, before I joined a CBT group and learned how to eliminate most of my anxiety and manage the rest of it effectively. The first few symptoms don't sound so much like anything I experienced with my anxieties but after that it did start to sound like it probably is anxiety. Eliminate other potential physical causes like blaze said first but if it is anxiety I highly recommend trying CBT. Good luck!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 2, 2008
    • 05:39 AM
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  • Thanks big time blaze, I'll get in to those links and add to my research. Thanks to acorn to for adding from experience. I'm really only at the beginning of trying to figure all of this out, only seen the psychiatrist once so far and they advised me to research and learn as much as I can about my symptoms. Then I can bring more to the table on the next visit. I'm not on any meds yet, and meds will be the last thing I will try but if it comes down to that, I will definately try them.
    g_tar_playa 3 Replies
    • February 3, 2008
    • 01:38 AM
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  • Holy smokes something's up but not what a psychiatrist can cure or treat. With what's going on in your life you'll have some sleeping problems (i.e. light sleeper, etc.) which is normal-for this you just need some positive thinking and relaxation right as you get into bed to sleep. As far as the other symptoms you have that'll come from SLEEP DEPRIVATION--don't get cauhgt and say, "But I do sleep somewhat" or "But I sleep, just toss and turn", you see, the way you describe your sleeping IS "sleep depriving" you BIGTIME. Plus, despite what some people think being sleep deprived can produce a host of symptoms some of which are emotional, energy level related, behavioral, physical, etc. Get to the root of what's making your sleep so shabby, could be anything like neighbors who are loud at night and you're not aware of it or even if you're overweight but losing you may have undiagnosed "sleep apnea" which is a sleep disorder that will make you sleep light (sleep apnea is usually gone after a person loses enough weight). In other words, what you've got is a sleep problem, a classic case of it. If your age is under say 26 (can't recall if you posted your age, sorry) then you'd be needing 10 hours per night and if you're getting less that'll cause all this (in which case get your 10 per night plus make up the lost sleep till recovered; it's like a debt, if you've been sleeping 8 hours but need 10 you've been losing 2 per night and that adds up! Sleep extra hours till recovered and don't worry about "how long" that'll take).Anyhow, for an excellent resource on sleep deprivation, what it can look like, all the symptoms a person can have (you'll see your symptoms there), and what to do about it see this site :http://sleepinfohelp.blogspot.com/Take care,William
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 4, 2008
    • 00:46 AM
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  • I see where you are coming from with the sleep deprivation idea. I believe it is a symptom of something else rather than the root of my problems. If getting enough sleep was the main cause then I could eliminate all factors that would keep me from getting to sleep and staying asleep, and that would allow a normal rest for lets say 10 hours which would improve the way I am when I'm awake. I've been in quiet comfortable and quiet places many times and getting to sleep and staying to sleep are not easier :(. The truth is that I feel like there is too much going on in my mind in no way about any specific thing. So It's like reality has a fog most of the time.I should mention though that there were times that I didn't feel foggy minded or uneasy or like I was making sure I was thinking about things that effect me or relate to me, usually after some sort of heavy breathing from trying to sing along with really loud music on a car ride or making out with someone for a while. These times are very rare ( maybe once a year as an average) but I remember how normal and right it felt. It was like I didn't feel twitchy at all and I was comfortable within my own body and could sit there in a relaxed position and my brain and mouth were connected in a straight and smooth line. Like many aspects of my reality went from choppy seas to calm seas. My physical and emotional state both feel right and it makes me think that this is how most people feel normally but its only a rare mode I ever get in to. I would like to describe another thing. Most of the time when I'm talking to people, I will break eye contact to look somewhere else while in conversation, and I wonder why I did it so much. Going up to them and talking to them is not a problem, even if I don't know them. In many conversations I will do this and notice that the other person is probably trying to maintain eye contact at least twice as much as I am. Also, I throw too much filler into a conversation, maybe thinking its somehting people want to hear even though I have really no idea. When I think about it, If I was at the other end of talking to me I might get the wrong impressions. Like maybe it sounds like I am trying to BS around something when there is nothing to get around.I think I might be worried too much about sounding like a real COOL guy to talk to, maybe. :confused:Thanks for reminding me how important sleep is William 445. I'll probably think twice about surfing the web for just a few more minutes like i always do at bed time.
    g_tar_playa 3 Replies
    • February 6, 2008
    • 03:53 AM
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